Overturning the Heavens chapter 219

Chapter 219 “Spoiling Her (3)”

Mu Qing Song’s expression was getting whiter and white: “At least we won’t lower ourselves to using our bodies to service another man!”

The Music Valley and Flower Brothel are often compared together because of their large number of female members in their mix. While the Music Valley would always be praised for their clean reputation, the Flower Brothel would usually be detested as an organization for the dirty and unwanted.

“You say you won’t lower yourself to servicing a man eh…. We will see how much of that claim is true then. How about this, I will abolish your cultivation and have you take customers at the Flower Brothel? This way you can experience it first hand.” A touch of laughter was emulating out of Bai Yan’s eye.

This Mu Qing Song is so beautiful, coupled with her identity as the mistress of the Music Valley, using her to pick up customers will surely make a fortune.

“No!” Staggering backwards, Mu Qing Song’s expression became even paler till all color had left her face. “Are you not afraid of Di Cang finding out?! If he sees your true face, he will surely cast you aside.”

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Right after her words came out, a cool and drafty voice blew in, causing Bai Yan’s face to go dark.

“What can’t I know?”

Shuddering at the question, Mu Qing Song promptly turned around to seek that surreal figure.

Magnificent to the point where she can almost feel her lungs suffocating, it was only a few months ago that this man made her sick with love. With her heart pounding until it hurts, she wanted oh so much to fall into those arms to gain some warmth.

But…… Instead of pulling her in like she wanted, Di Cang had completely bypassed her, never once casting so much as a glance her way.

“Who is it this time that made you angry?” Soft and tender, Di Cang teasingly asks with that seductive voice.

Tossing the guqin aside like it’s a piece of garbage, Bai Yan on the other hand wasn’t so friendly. Grabbing that collar, her smile was both threatening and dangerous: “Your rotten love admirers are here again. If not for me making it in time, the Lan House would’ve fallen in danger because of you. I warn you, if anything happens to my family, I will never let you go!”

Casting a glance at the collar being grabbed by his woman, Di Cang was rather pleased instead of getting upset: “And how do you want to not let me go? In bed? Or we can try something more exciting like in the air or water instead.”

“Di Cang!”

Seriously, why does this man always revolve around getting me in bed with him! Argg, does all he think about is trying to slip into my body?!

First easing the incredible amount of stuffiness in her chest, Bai Yan then went back to dealing with this man: “I will run away with your son and not let you find us.”

Old Lord Lan and the rest had only recovered from their initial scare, now to be cast in front of Di Cang’s every growing torrent of gloominess, they desperately needed a break less they lose their minds. Hurrying to signal Bai Yan with a wink, Old Lord Lan was practically pleading his granddaughter with his look.

“Child, I think this matter is not Lord Cang’s fault. He seems very sincere about you so you mustn’t get upset.”

Silent and unyielding, Bai Yan only faced the man in front of her like she’s trying to see through that person to asses the truth.

“Bai Yan, you are really are spoiled with arrogance.” Sneering, Mu Qing Song also sensed the anger in Di Cang’s body, “You don’t even know how to cherish your man. If it was me, I would never make him angry. I-“


Before the foolish woman can continue on with her rambling, a raging torrent had swept out from Di Cang’s sleeve, pounding in against his target and sending the yapper mouth flying out of the hall.


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  1. “You don’t even know how to cherish your man. If it was me, I would never make him angry. I-“

    Woman, you already made him angry in less than three sentences. Idiot.

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