Overturning the Heavens chapter 210

Chapter 210 “Mu Qing Song (2)”

“At the time Bai Zhi also told our sister Bai Yan this matter, but who could’ve guessed she would impersonate our younger sister. And to make matters worse, she bewitched Lord Cang into crippling our father…” By the time Bai Ruo raised her head, those eyes were already streaming with tears to show how pitiful her image was.

Originally Mu Qing Song was a tad displeased to learn of her man being possessed by another woman, but since it’s out of reluctance and trickery, her foul mood immediately dissipated.

So long as that man is mine from here on forward then its fine. I can ignore his past and move for the future.

“I understand the story now. Tell me, where does that woman live? I will seek her out immediately.” Mu Qing Song’s expression was very ugly as she stood up.

“Okay, I will have my people lead your ladyship over.” Bai Ruo thought she was smart here, deliberately omitting the part about the Flower Brothel, but it’s just her own one sided feeling.

“No, you only need to tell me her location and that is enough.” Sneering, the woman had no doubt about her own ability to win the man of her heart.

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Going silent for a good second, Bai Ruo appears to have come up with another idea with those eyes she’s showing. “I don’t know where Bai Yan currently lives. However, if you go to the Lan House inside the city, you will definitely be able to force her to appear!”

In reality, since the day Bai Zheng Xiang discovered Bai Yan’s relationship with the Flower Brothel, she had already learned of the old manor’s existence. But simply having this wonderful chess piece complete one simple task wouldn’t be very satisfying would it?

It’s unsure what Mu Qing Song thought of that statement, but she didn’t utter another word and immediately took her leave. But as soon as she stepped out of the main doorway, a woman in green promptly lands from behind the woman.

“Mistress, I believe that Bai Ruo may not necessarily be telling the truth. Should I go investigate beforehand?”

Raising a smirk, Mu Qing Song will have none of it: “Whether or not she’s telling the truth, what does it matter? The fact still remains that the woman is seducing my man with her foxy ways. For that, no form of mercy shall be given!”

Nothing but a cheap wrench. In my Music Valley there’s plenty to go around!

“Let’s go, we’re heading to that Lan House! I will first deal with that cheap bitch!”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Meanwhile over at the Lan House, the occupants of the estate was busy smothering Bai Xiachen with hugs and kisses after the boy made an unexpected visit.

This was especially true for Old Madam Lan who was practically strangling the poor boy: “Oh my good grandson, I missed you to death after you didn’t visit for so many days!”

In the end, it was Old Lord Lan who came to save the day after not being able to watch on anymore. Coughing twice, he accusingly eyed his wife: “Do you want to suffocate your own great grandson at this rate?”

That’s when the old granny discovered her own folly. Hurrying to let go, her face was all apologetic: “Oh child, why didn’t you say anything if you were uncomfortable?”

“How can I do that when great grandma you missed me so much?” Bai Xiachen’s appearance was very well-behaved, winning even more points from all the family.

Sure enough, the wonderful reply only made the old grandma even more distressed, How can those people from the Bai House sell this wonderful child. They must be blind both inside and outside to do such a thing!


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