Overturning the Heavens chapter 208

Chapter 208 “Little Bully Wants to Tame a Beast (2)”

“Mother, they say the one who is worshipped by the animals must have the ability to tame the creatures. I want to tame this wolf to prove am I am the most powerful person in the world.”

Hearing the aggrieved tone in her son, Bai Ruo’s voice promptly turned sharp: “Who is it that told you these things?”

“It’s… Bai Xiachen’s…”

Little friends parent……

However, before the fat kid could finish the ending part of his sentence, the woman had already assumed it’s that rascal Bai Xiachen’s fault.

Huffing with clear anger in her rapid breathing, it took a rather long time before Bai Ruo could return her gentle gaze back down to the child in her arms: “Son, you must always remember that you are the most prestigious person in the world. That Bai Xiachen is only jealous of your status, that’s why he’s trying to manipulate you and confuse you.”

Despite the comforting words, the fat bully only looked up with his teary eyes: “Then why did that wolf not listen to me?”

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“That’s an ordinary wolf without any form of intellect, how can it possibly recognize you? Moreover, such a lowly existence isn’t qualified to surrender to you. Remember, you are destined to control the world’s demon beast! Only real demon beasts can understand how great your identity is.”


But Bai Xiachen can order a lot of foxes at will.

“Nothing but!” Bai Ruo instantly cuts the boy off, her expression serious: “Son, whether it be Nangong Zhun or Bai Xiachen, all of them must live under the control of your will in the future! If you find the opportunity, you must end them in the most miserable way, understand?!”

Who the hell is Bai Xiachen? How dare he compare himself to my son? He’s not even qualified to wash my son’s feet!

“I understand Mother.” From the depressed and sulky attitude, the fat bully was now invigorated with a renewed enthusiasm: “I will never let that Bai Xiachen and Nangong Zhun get away with what they’ve done to me! Also, Mother, I saw a little girl today, can I make her my bed warming maid?”

How dare that chubby kid beat me? Then I will snatch his sister over to warm my bed!

“That’s fine,” Bai Ruo laughed, “this world will eventually be yours so that girl should be thankful for your generosity. Tell me which household it is, I will have someone go over there and buy the girl for you.”

Going bright in his weasel eye, the fat bully was brimming with energy: “Mother, it’s not just the little girl, I also want her brother to become my slave.”

“Okay, everything will be as you wish.”

In this city, there’s only Di Cang who I wouldn’t dare trifle with. Aside from that, who else would dare go against royal authority?

Besides, isn’t it just a little girl? If things don’t go through, all I have to do is bring out a few Dan pills. By then I like to see the other party still refuse the request.

It was at this moment a palace maid came running over: “Crown Princess, someone is requesting an audience.”

Slightly wrinkling her brow, Bai Ruo asked: “Who is it?”

“The person said they are from the Music Valley….”

Music Valley?

Evoking a sinister smirk, Finally, they are here…..

“Quick, invite them into the reception hall. I will arrive in a moment.”

“Yes, Crown Princess,” making a respectful bow, the maid quickly disappears from Bai Ruo’s view.

First making sure her son was well taken care of by the maids, Bai Ruo then headed for the main hall herself. But due to the injury on her hind, the speed that she moved at was awfully slow despite being supported by several servants.


Back over at the reception hall, a female character donning a gorgeous blue dress was already sitting in wait by the time Bai Ruo arrived at the scene. Aside from those mountainous things in the front, everything about this person radiated a stunning presence. This was especially true with that face because that milky complexion looked like it could literally be milked if squeezed.


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