Overturning the Heavens chapter 206

Chapter 206 “Youngster Wen Ru (2)”

“I’ve heard that under your leadership only nine of the alchemists I brought you is at the fourth rank?” Raising the corner of her mouth, Bai Yan provocatively smirks at the boy.

Somersaulting himself up like a carp, Wen Ru makes a grieving look: “Three years ago you just dumped these people onto me and then went missing. Shouldn’t you at least say something to me first now that you’ve returned?”

Bai Yan started laughing maniacally.

For some unknown reason, Wen Ru got a very uncomfortable and shady feeling from this. Subconsciously, his legs took a step backward without him noticing.

“Big Bai, listen to my explanation first. I really did do my best to lead your people, just that alchemy is too hard to learn. For geniuses like you and I, it’s too rare. Most wouldn’t even make it to the fourth level using their entire life.”

Wen Ru also felt very much wronged here. Towards Bai Yan’s downright sickening requirement, it’s too outrageous. He really did try his best!

Moreover, if it’s that easy to break into the fourth rank of alchemy, wouldn’t that mean the world would be flooded with alchemists?

“Take me to have a look first then.” Shrugging her shoulders, Bai Yan can’t do much in this case.

“Okay,” Wen Ru looked curiously at Bai Yan. “Oh yes, Big Bai, where’s Little Bai? I thought you and your son is inseparable.”

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Jerking to a stop, Bai Yan makes a sulky glare at the inconsiderate boy: “No one will call you mute if you don’t talk!” Having said this, Bai Yan stepped into the yard without paying the boy anymore attention.

Back then these people were all chosen by Hualuo at her command. As such, this would technically be her first time meeting them, which inadvertibly roused quite the curious reception from the group.

“We will leave the fourth ranking alchemist for now. I want to see how those at the third level work.” Bai Yan softly gave her order.

In her past life, Bai Yan was the successor to an ancient and prestigious family specializing in alchemy. For that reason, there were no shortages of people coming to seek tutelage from her.

Without exception, none of the disciples were disappointments, especially the more talented ones that only needed a hint to grasp the important bits. However, when it came to her three shifus, Bai Yan nearly went mad at their slowness.

Seriously, she had never seen such stupid people before!

But now, on this very day after witnessing the tragic and sinful abilities of these alchemists, Bai Yan finally realized something crucial. It’s not her three shifus that’s dumb, it’s the level of alchemy here was lagging behind what’s considered simple and easy in her previous world!

“I have figured out the general issue with these alchemists. In a bit, I will write down various methods for them to practice and train in. In addition, I also want you to select a small group to help me concoct a batch of third and fourth grade pills for me each month.”

Wen Ru became stunned by the request: “Why do you need so many Dan pills?”

Raising a smirk, Bai Yan made no effort to hide the truth: “To make money of course.”

“Big Bai, are you short on money?” A blush of red quickly filled the handsome boy’s cheek: “If you are short on money, I don’t mind giving you mine.”

Returning her head around: “What are you planning?”

“This…” Shyly lowering his head, Wen Ru meekly asked: “I was wondering if you are lacking a bed warmer. I can help warm your bed. Not only do I not need you to pay me, I can pay you instead.”

Caressing her chin, Bai Yan starts eyeing the boy before herself meaningfully: “Hey Hualuo, are you still short of people at the Flower Brothel?”

Casting a sympathetic look at the foolish boy: “We are always lacking in people. For a handsome man like Sir Wen Ru, I’m sure there will be plenty of customers attracted by him.”



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