Overturning the Heavens chapter 205

Chapter 205 “Youngster Wen Ru (1)”

When the time comes, he too will have the capital to make demands: “Brat, you have to study these business tricks well. Even if you can’t inherit the main family’s fortune, you must at least be able to fend for yourself and not be butchered to death.”

Wang Deqiu really wanted to smack his son again for being so lazy, If this kid could be even half as good as Xiachen then I won’t have to worry so much.

“I got it,” the chubby gives a perfunctory nod.

Next second, Wang Xiaopeng had already dashed away for the door because he knew what his old man was planning to do next. Furthermore, this naughty kid didn’t forget to stick his tongue out as his own form of retaliation.

Grimacing at the brat’s demeanour, Wang Deqiu starts giving his son the chase: “Your stinking brat, watch how I will beat your butt silly this time!”


Back over at the old manor, Bai Yan was busy sipping away at her tea while waiting for her subordinate to arrive.

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“Mistress, is there something you need by calling for me?” Hualuo (head of the flower brothel) makes a partial kneel after entering the main reception hall.

“I made a business deal with the Wang family from next door. Have Lady Chu go negotiate the terms with them.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the enchanting woman respectfully complied.

“Oh yes, I wanted to ask you for a while now, how are the training for those alchemists going?” Lowering her teacup, Bai Yan softly asked.

In this world, strength was most certainly important, but that’s not all there was to it. Alchemist are also important in a different way.

The powerful undoubtedly can take whatever they want with their sheer strength, but alchemists have their own means to get what they want. Even without a high level of cultivation, they can turn to other powerful individuals to ask for help if needed.

That’s why, starting from three years ago, Bai Yan had secretly gathered a group of alchemists for her own use. Just that due to her own busy lifestyle, she never once checked on their progress.

“Mistress, the alchemists we brought in have all made great improvements with every single one of them reaching at least second rank. For those more talented, we now got thirty at the third level and nine at the fourth level.”

“Then what about the fifth level?” She asked with a frown.

“This… except for Wen Ru, no one else was able to achieve such results.”

Wen Ru was a person Bai Yan met along her journey three years ago. At the time the youngster was still arrogant and rude; therefore, the two quickly got into a conflict after they became interested in the same treasure.

If martialists like to settle their scores by having a fighting match, its only proper the alchemist profession would compete with their skills in alchemy. And that’s precisely what the two did. After losing, Wen Ru had since sworn allegiance to Bai Yan.

“No one being able to break into the fifth level is within my expectations, but the number of fourth ranks are too low! How can there be only nine people when we conscripted over two hundred talented genius back then?” Bai Yan’s expression clearly didn’t look so good as she slowly got up from her chair.

Nervous in her tone, Hualuo knew her next words will only make the woman even unhappier. Nevertheless, she says it anyway out of loyalty. “Of the nine people, five of them were already at the third level…”

In other words, three years of effort yielded nothing more than a one level increase.

“Hualuo, bring me to see those alchemists. I want to check for myself why this is happening.”

This certainly cannot go on. I must think of some way to help these people advance further as soon as possible.


Inside the courtyard that’s almost perennially covered in a smoky mist due to the constant use of the stoves, a large group of hard working men were busy concocting their respective Dan pills with their cauldrons.

AHHH!!! A loud screaming cry suddenly broke the tranquility here.

The reasoning for this was Bai Yan’s unmerciful kick at the figure who attempted to charge her at the first moment she stepped through the doorway.

Sprawled there with his arms and legs on the ground, the handsome boy known as Wen Ru puts on a pathetic look of grievance at his attacker: “How come I can’t see through your cultivation anymore? Don’t tell me, you made another breakthrough again?”

Aside from the alchemic contest they did three years ago, they also competed in their cultivation. The end result, a very miserable defeat that left him admitting defeat both physically and spiritually. Even so, he could still perceive the girl’s cultivation. But now, he couldn’t like the woman was shrouded in a thick layer of mist.


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