Overturning the Heavens chapter 202

Chapter 202 “Take Me for a Dead Man?”

Therefore, something like making ten pills in one pot was a far too common thing in her view.

The old elder really wanted to cry. If the circumstances are good, he will at most yield four pills in one pot. If not, then two or even less wouldn’t be out of the question.

ARHGG, so infuriating!

“If nothing else, you can go prepare the materials. Once ready, come back and find me.”

Making a stretch with her arms, Bai Yan was ready to rest in her room since there’s nothing else for her to do today. Then all of a sudden, her attention was caught by a loud commotion from the next door.

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It sound’s like Wang Xiaopeng’s voice… Xiacheng’s friend? Giving it a thought, she decides to take a look in the end to make sure everything’s alright.

“Elder Gu,” looking at the direction of that departing figure, Bai Zhanpeng’s mouth soon curled into a faint smile. “This world really is full of surprises. I estimate that even if we compare all of the geniuses in the Medicine Sect, none would be a match for the lass.”

The one known as Elder Gu was very ashamed of himself. Both for his suspicious heart and his blindness of not seeing how amazing Bai Yan was. To think the outside would have such a crazy genius now. I’ve been closed off for far too long…

“Young Master, when I was investigating Miss Bai Yan’s background, I heard the Bai family had wanted to sell her to an old grandpa as a concubine over a third grade Dan pill. I wonder if they will regret it if they learn of her true ability.”

While Bai Zhanpeng was busy stroking the paper in his hand like it’s a valuable treasure, his hands suddenly stopped at his follower’s comment. From gentle to a frosty cold, even the air around his body felt awfully chilly.

“The Bai family? Continue investigating that family, I want to know everything about them and what happened to Miss Bai Yan while she was there!”

“Yes, Young Master.”


Over at the Wang family’s home, Wang Deqiu (father) was in the middle of reading a book when a loud screaming cry alerted him to the commotion outside. In his haste, he made a dash for the front yard after charging out of his study room. That’s when the man saw his son Wang Xiaopeng being bound up like a pig by a group of soldiers.

Standing at the forefront of these intruders would naturally be the arrogant Nangong Lin (royal grandson). After the fight from earlier, he’s been eager to get revenge, hence the reason why he came alone with these men.

As for Wang Xiaotong (younger sister), the girl was already scared out of her wits. In her panic, she cries out while attempting to break her elder brother free from those bad people.


Not to be rejected, the big fat bully wickedly pushed the poor girl aside and issued out a devious chuckle: “If you come over again, watch and see if I won’t turn you into my bedding maid!”

Maybe its fate or by coincidence, Wang Deqiu (father) just so happens to hear exactly this phrase when he came running.

How dare someone say they will use my daughter as a bedding maid! Just because we left the main family doesn’t mean I, Wang Deqiu, can be so easily bullied!”

“Father!” Noticing his old man’s figure coming over in the distance, Wang Xiaopeng’s screaming voice only grew louder like a squealing pig begging for mercy, “Help me, help me!”

“You little bastard, let go of my son this instant!” Flushed red in his eyes, the raging father didn’t need any encouragemen to raise his hands. Grabbing a random rod nearby, he began waving it around in his assault at the soldiers, forcing the poor men jumping back left and right due to the extreme pain.

“Father,” after being dropped to the floor, Wang Xiaopeng wasted no time to crawl behind his old man’s leg to use as his shield. “This group of people is too much. Not only are the picking on me despite being way older, they also outnumber me! Help me teach them a lesson, humph!”

“Get your ass over there and stay quiet.” Tossing the chubby kid into the nearby bush like a toy, Wang Deqiu didn’t even cast a glance at his son’s wellbeing: “How dare you people hit my son. If anyone is to beat him then it has to be me! Just watch, I will show you people what it means to cross me today!”


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