Overturning the Heavens chapter 200

Chapter 200 “I’m Willing to be Your Disciple”

Bai Yan couldn’t resist a laugh, He’s still a child in the end….

“Xiachen had always been lacking in company. If able, do you want to stay by our side?”

Looking on in disbelief at the woman before him, Nangong Zhun almost couldn’t keep his words clear: “I… can stay?”

“If you want to stay then no one can drag you away,” slowly getting up, Bai Yan revealed a welcoming appearance. “Also, I can see your talent isn’t bad, just that they’ve been buried over the years. If you want, I can take you as my disciple. Are you willing?”

In the eyes of the child, joy was overflowing: “Yes, I want to stay.”

“Xiachen,” patting her son’s head, “you go with him to wash up, I still have other things I need to attend to. In addition…”

In a flip of her hand, Bai Yan pulls out a bottle of medicine for the young boy.

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“This medicine can cure your internal injuries. After you finish recovering, I will have you begin your training.”

Watching the precious bottle placed before himself, Nangong Zhun didn’t try to hide the strong level of emotions running through his eyes. Conviction quickly showed itself on the boy’s face.

“Shifu, in the future I will definitely stand at the top and not let you down!”

As per his vow, the young prince would eventually reach his goal while never forgetting the ones who changed his fate forever.

“Nangong Zhun, come, I’ll show you to your room.” Excited in his action, the little steam bun quickly ran towards the inside to show off his home.

Watching the two kids enjoying themselves so much, as a mother and now a shifu, Bai Yan couldn’t resist breaking out a smile at the scene.

“Miss Bai Yan’s eyesight is quite good,” a complex look gripped the old elder’s face, “to think you would come across such a talented sapling.”

Not showing humility at the praise, Bai Yan takes a sip from the tea handed to her by the nearby maid: “So you noticed it too. That child carries pride in his very core. Such aptitude will no doubt give him a bright future so how can I not bring him to my son’s side?”

Moreover, the kid was her son’s friend. It’s unavoidable that she will be more lenient when it came to children of this age group.

“Whether or not he can be extraordinary in the future is hard to say. What I do know is that he will need more than just luck, he will need a shifu that’s willing and capable to help him.” Making a lamenting sigh, the elder then continues like he just missed a great opportunity: “I can see his strength is very low so I’m assuming he’s been neglected for over the years.”

It’s precisely as the old elder said. From the very day Nangong Zhun was born, his mother had passed away, leaving him all alone in this world. Even if a person was talented, it’s useless if no one can be there to nurture it.

“Are you trying to steal him from me?” Raising her head, Bai Yan looks on meaningfully at the tempted elder.

“I won’t deny that I am somewhat tempted by the child’s buried talent, but the current me don’t have the energy or time. To me, the only thing that matters is my young master’s wellbeing. Miss Bai Yan, I must give you this warning. If anything happens to my lord during the treatment, you won’t be able to escape responsibility!”

Just as the old elder had finished his speech, Bai Zhanpeng (sick man) also arrives at the scene under the leadership of Little Rice. Unlike before, his appearance didn’t look so weak anymore.

“Young Master!” Anxious to check up on his lord, the old elder was shocked to find how obvious the changes were: “You’re… okay?”

Making a slight nod, Bai Zhanpeng confirms the elder’s suspicion: “The residual energy inside my body is destroyed.”

Because of how sudden this great news came at, so sudden that it caught the elder completely off guard, he didn’t know how to react. It appears his suspicious attitude from earlier was a horrible mistake.

“Miss Bai Yan,” turning around, the loyal servant makes a respectful bow, “I apologize for my offense from earlier. Thank you for saving my young master. If it weren’t for you, then…”



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  1. That old elder really doesn’t have any personality at all, does he? Every word out of his mouth fit perfect to his archetype.
    Thank you for the chapter.

  2. “If it werent for you then your uncle would be dead soon”

    Bai Yan found her uncle didnt she? (Well the body’s uncle at least)

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