Overturning the Heavens chapter 198

Chapter 198 “Child King (2)”

“Did Wang Xiaopeng not say by taking your demon beast, we will be your follower?” A genuine smile floats out of Nangong Zhun’s happy face, “And, I think that by following you, we won’t lose out.”

Smacking his little head like he just became enlightened, Bai Xiachen proudly pats his friend shoulder with glee shooting out of his eyes: “That’s right, follow me and you won’t have to worry about not getting meat!”

Watching how easy his friend over there was able to toy with the newcomer, Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) was starting to get bored of his own fight. In one squat, he directly takes a seat on top of his victim: “I’m tired, I need a break so stay there.”


Due to the heavyweight that’s known as this chubby kid, poor Nangong Lin (bully) could only splurge out a mouthful of blood before losing consciousness.

“It’s getting late so I have to go back first. Mother is waiting for me to eat dinner.” Not forgetting his new friend, Bai Xiachen attempts to drag the skinny boy away with him, “If you go back to the palace now, I’m sure those bad people will talk bad things about you in front of Granny Dowager. Why don’t you come with me to my home first?”

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Surprisingly, Nangong Zhun didn’t hesitate in the least when he earnestly nodded: “Alright, I’ll follow your words.”

Seeing this, the chubby kid resting there on his victim could only roll his eyes at how easy it was to kidnap the skinny boy.

“Hey kid, how dare you fall asleep in front of your Boss Chubby here!”

Wang Xiaopeng had rested enough. Climbing up, he didn’t wait to give the unconscious bully a good slapping to knock him out of his coma.

Truthfully, Nangong Lin didn’t act there, he really did faint a minute ago.

“I’m warning you, Nangong Zhun is under my protection. If you bully him again, watch and see if I won’t drag you into a dark alley to have a bunch of men go at you!”

Knocking his chubby face up proudly, Wang Xiaopeng only learned of this saying while he was eavesdropping on a ruffian trying to threaten a woman the other day. He didn’t expect it to come in handy here.

“My… my father is the crown prince!” Nangong Lin was shaking all over as he wept.

Not effected in the least by that fat ridden face, Wang Xiaopeng sends another flurry of slaps across his victim’s face to showcase his dominance: “Who is the crown prince?”

“My father…”


Another slap goes through.

“You can only say one word!”


Only then did Wang Xiaopeng toss the fat bully aside: “That’s right, good son.”

Now there was no holding back the tears for Nangong Lin. Never in his life had he been insulted and bullied to such an extent.

“Bai Xiachen, we’re leaving.”

Patting his hands together to clean the dust, Wang Xiaopeng only managed a few steps before he suddenly jerked to a halt. Turning around, starts asking with that twitching face: “Who did he say his father was?”

“The crown prince,” Bai Xiachen kindly answered.

Immediately, the chubby made a mournful cry: “Oh god, I’m finished!”

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, his father won’t be able to take revenge on you two.” Patting his chest with confidence, Bai Xiachen sounds like his words are law.

“It’s not that, it’s my father. He will kill me if he learns of what I did.”

His father had repeatedly warned him not make trouble outside, yet he’s done exactly that. Of all the people he had to hit, he had beaten up the one son belonging to the crown prince of the kingdom.

“It’s all my fault…” Seeing the pitiful appearance of his chubby friend, Nangong Zhun attempts to take responsibility.

“No, it’s not your fault,” shaking his chubby head, “I’m only getting a beating, what’s the big deal? If anything, I will only lose a layer of skin. That bastard bullied you so he deserves it!”

Wang Xiaopeng may look like he’s having second thoughts now, but even if he did know the fat boy’s background and who his father was, he wouldn’t have done it differently.

Not like my old man will really beat me to death for something so small, right?

“Forget it, you two go back first.” Waving his hand to shoo the two boys away, the chubby kid accepts his fate even if that face said otherwise.

A bit unease over his friend’s expression, Bai Xiachen offers his own form of help: “I’ll be next door. If anything, just yell and call for me. I will rush over to save you.”



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