Overturning the Heavens chapter 196

Chapter 196 “To Heal You (3)”

Pausing in her words, Bai Yan made it look like her next question was unintentional, “What about Di Cang?”

“Lord Cang he… After moving his things over, he then left again by himself.” The guard reports, careful in his tone to not offend the woman.

Breaking out into an irritated laugh: “It seems he have really taken my place as his own. No matter, once his estate is repaired, I will have him out of here immediately!”

As nice as that idea was, Bai Yan was still immature in these sort of things. For people like Di Cang, it’s impossible to drive him away once he’s in….

With her questions out of the way and nothing else to do for the next while, Bai Yan figured she might as well continue reading her book. Just like that, one woman and one awkward looking elder waited silently in this pristine courtyard.


Back outside at the city street, Wang Xiaopeng was busy gobbling up the delicious snacks in front of himself.

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“I didn’t expect the capital to have such delicious things around. It’s even better than the big restaurants!” Grinning, the chubby kid shoots a glance at Bai Xiachen whose also busy watching his friend’s insane ability to devour everything: “Hey Xiachen, why aren’t you introducing your new friend over there?”

Originally Nangong Zhun (bullied prince) was still amazed at why Wang Xiapeng can eat so much, but upon hearing the question, his skinny little body quickly stiffened up. Subconsciously, he lowered his head due to low confidence.

“He’s called Nangong Zhun, someone I saved from being bullied inside the palace.” Pointing at his new friend, Bai Xiachen puts on a bossy appearance: “He will be under my protection from now on. If anyone dares to bully him, I will clobber them!”

“If he’s your brother then he is my brother too!” Jerking up from his chair, Wang Xiaopeng uses that chubby looking hand filled with grease to pat the poor boy’s shoulder: “Don’t worry, as long as you have me and Xiachen around, we will beat your enemies up for you!”

As if to meet that vow, Bai Xiachen suddenly points his finger at the background: “Xiaopeng, your chance is here. You see that fat kid with the bunch of soldiers tailing him? He’s the one who’s been bullying him.”

Following the boy’s line of view, the chubby kid soon caught sight of the mentioned group. Rude and pompous in their demeanor, these people are exactly like the way Bai Xiachen described them.

“Holy! There is actually someone fatter than me!” Immediately pulling up his sleeves, Wang Xiaopeng looked like he’s ready to go at it, “Its bad enough he’s fatter than me, but he’s also bullying my friend. Just watch you two, I will show you how to properly teach a person not to mess with us!”

Leaving only these words behind, the chubby kid instantly shot out like a cannon ball for Nangong Lin’s (bully prince) location.

“Let’s go, we will watch from the side.” Pulling his new friend along, Bai Xiachen’s eye was twinkling with delight at his enemy’s misfortune.

Startled there, Nangong Zhun sounded hesitant: “This… isn’t this sort of bad?”

He’s not afraid of his enemy per say, he’s afraid of Wang Xiaopeng getting into trouble for his sake…..

Just as Nangong Zhun was still struggling to come to terms on what to do, Wang Xiaopeng had already pounced onto his target and knocked the fat bully to the ground. Using that greasy hand, he starts pummeling the frightened target screaming for help.

“Royal Grandson!” The guards were all gripped with shock at the suddenness of it all. Just when they were ready to aid their lord, a spooky figure had already blocked their path.

“Aren’t you people ashamed of yourself? A fight between two kids doesn’t need the intervention of us adults.” Knocking his small little head up, Bai Xiachen seems to have forgotten something – he too was but a five-year-old child.
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  2. Oh…. now that Wang kid has assaulted the Royal Grandson, seems like Bai Yan or Di Cang needs to get involved.

    • Not so much awful but oblivious to the fact that not everyone can do what he can do and get away with it. After all, he has the seriously scary Di Cang at his back and his doting mother smoothing his path.

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