Overturning the Heavens chapter 195

Chapter 195 “To Heal You (2)”

Bai Zhanpeng nodded: “Yes, I was actually injured by my enemies ten years ago.”

“Then there’s no mistaking it then. Though ten years ago an alchemist managed to save your life with a Dan pill, but because he couldn’t complete the job, your enemy’s residual energy had continued to wreak havoc inside your body over the years.”

Bai Zhanpeng was stunned by the girl’s ability to know this much. Making a wry smile: “Everything that you said is known to me, but I too know that if I forcefully remove the wisp of energy, it will cause severe damage to my meridian. If living means I will become a cripple, I would rather die than to lose my dignity.”

“Who told you such a silly thing?”

Raising a smirk, Bai Yan shifts her sight onto the napping white tiger cub currently basking in the sunlight not far away on the ground: “Little Rice, I have a mission for you.”

Without delay, Little Rice swooped into Bai Yan’s arm and looked on with disgust at the sickly man.

This human isn’t even a great beauty. To think Mistress would want me to suck out that wisp of energy from him, NO WAY!

“Two plates of Dongpo Pork.” Bai Yan grits her teeth to say this.

Note: Dongpo pork is a Hangzhou dish which is made by pan-frying and then braising it until it practically melts to the touch.

Making a childish snort, the baby tiger knocks his head up in refusal. I won’t sell my dignity for merely two plates of Dongpo Pork.

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“Add in another roast suckling pig.” Bai Yan continues.

Flashing a spark in his tiger eyes, Little Rice was starting to sway from the temptation.

“I will personally cook your food for one month!” Bai Yan decides to go all in.

Sure enough, Little Rice was sparkling with stars in his eyes now. Without delay, he pats his cute little paw with Bai Yan’s hand to seal the deal.


What shitty dignity, in front of great food, it’s all bullshit!

Plus I don’t have to abuse my poor tummy now, not so bad at all!

Getting what she want, Bai Yan turns around to face the sickly man: “Go with him. He will suck out the wisp of energy from your body.”

This left Bai Zhanpeng and the old elder very surprised there.

There are countless alchemists inside the Medicine Sect who couldn’t do a thing against the wisp of energy, but now the girl can solve it with only a few words and a promise?

“Miss Bai Yan…” Bai Zhanpeng’s mouth carried with it a tinge of bitterness, “This condition had been plaguing me for over ten years. Even if you can remove the wisp of energy from me, my body will still fail after being destroyed so thoroughly. At best I will only have a few years to live.”

Pricking her brow, Bai Yan thought nothing of the man’s worry: “Since I said I have a way then there won’t be an issue. If you trust me then go with him.”

“Young Master!”

The old elder was anxious now. He knows, if the young master were to be given a choice now, he will surely pick to believe this unknown lass.

“Young Master, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Bai Zhanpeng sends a questionable glance at the elder: “I don’t have much left to live anyways. What harm can there be in believing her?”

At that, the sickly man turns back around to face the baby tiger: “Lead on.”

“Meow.” Calling out as a cat, Little Rice still had the look of contempt in his eyes.

But before the tiger cub could leave, Bai Yan quietly gave him a wink to signal something. In response, Little Rice blinked his eyes to show he understood.

“Young Master!” In his urgency, the old elder wanted to follow from behind to only be blocked by the peerless figure.

“If you want to save him then don’t go.”

“You…” The old elder’s eye was full of anger, “If the young master is harmed in any way, we will never let you go!”

Not minding the rudeness shooting her way, Bai Yan helped herself back to the pavilion while they waited. “Did my son return yet?” She asks the guard nearby.

“Not yet Mistress. The young lord is out playing with his friends. I believe he won’t be back until nightfall.”



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