Overturning the Heavens chapter 194

Chapter 194 “To Heal You (1)”

Under the peach blossom tree located in the back garden, Bai Yan was currently sitting inside the pavilion holding a book in her hands. With her long legs curled up on the bench, the image of her serene figure was like a touch of life on this picturesque image.

Just as she’s enjoying her moment of peace and quiet, a rushed guard from the outside interrupts her reading by charging into the garden: “Mistress, someone is seeking an audience with you.”

Closing the book, she calmly looks up to face the soldier: “Who?”

“He calls himself Bai Zhanpeng.”

Bai Zhanpeng?

Due to unfamiliarity of the name, Bai Yan inexplicably curled her brow into a knot: “Go let him in first.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Receiving the order, the guard retreats to only return a short while later with the two extra figure in tow.

“It’s you?” Recognizing the younger male, she cries this out like a reflex reaction.

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“Miss Bai Yan, I hope you wouldn’t mind me being so abrupt in my visit today.” Raising a faint smile, Bai Zhanpeng attempts to help liven up his appearance. Sadly, due to that frail body and sickly complexion, there’s no denying he’s unwell.

Slowly getting up, Bai Yan didn’t hesitate to ask: “I know it’s my fault the other day in bumping into you, but… How did you find out about my place of residence?”

“You’ve misunderstand me Miss, I did not come here to ask for an apology.” Breaking out into a cough again, Bai Zhanpeng stubbornly forces a laugh to mask that outburst: “I came today because I have a very good impression of you, that’s why I’m visiting.”

If such words were to come out of any other random person’s mouth, Bai Yan would no doubt mistake it for a flirting playboy trying to hit on herself. However, oddly enough, she didn’t get such a feeling like it’s a very good thing.

“Your body…” After the brief interaction, she can tell the man before her was very sick and wouldn’t have many years to live.

“This body of mine is already beyond help, and my trip away from home is also because I’m near my end. I want to find my long lost sister so I can bring her home. When I saw you the other day, I felt like I was seeing my sister at my side again…..”

Trembling in her heart, “Your younger sister, how old was she when she disappeared?”

“By this year she should be closing in on forty years old. I don’t know how she disappeared, but twenty years ago she just never returned after an outing.”

Nearly forty? Then that means she didn’t disappear while still in the cradle.

Bai Yan was honestly a little disappointed here because she did have a tinge of hope there for a second.

“Your physical problem is very serious. If you don’t mind the inconvenience, can I have a look?” Loosening her tense brow, she bluntly asks.

“Young Master…” The elder standing beside the sickly man was very anxious after hearing the request. Just as he wanted to stop this, Bai Zhanpeng instead stopped him with a shake of the head.

“There is nothing to be inconvenient about. Miss, are you an alchemist?”

“That’s right.” Without hiding her background, Bai Yan slowly stepped in front of Bai Zhanpeng and infused her spirit into the man’s body for the examination.

Shuddering at first over the intrusion, the sickly patient quickly relaxed himself after getting overwhelmed with a soothing sensation like someone bathing in the open sunlight.

As nice as it was for Bai Zhanpeng, his follower on the other hand didn’t look so well. Practically sweating down to his underwear, the elder was praying to the heavens that things would

turn out well. The reasoning, if Bai Yan tried anything in this state, no one can stop her.

Fortunately for this loyal servant, Bai Yan’s spiritual intrusion only lasted for a short while before she pulled out. With a dignified face of a healer facing a patient, she asked: “Did you get seriously injured ten years ago?”



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