Overturning the Heavens chapter 190

Chapter 190 “White Lotus Flower (2)”

At the mention of his wife, Nangong Yi’s (crown prince) expression went even gloomier while he strode towards the bedchamber.

Inside the luxurious room, Bai Ruo was currently lying on her bed, unable to budge an inch due to the excruciating pain tearing through her buttocks. And because of this feeling, hatred had taken root in her eyes while she clutched onto the bedsheet to relieve her frustration and anger.

She hates Bai Yan! Hates her for the fact that she can get Di Cang’s love! Hate her for ignoring their bond as sisters. No matter what, it’s expected that an elder sister should forgive the younger one, wasn’t that so?

But more than that, she also hates Nangong Yi!

In the palace, there are two fourth grade medicinal pills. If the man had given his share to her instead, her injuries would’ve healed immediately. However, despite the man’s constant claim of loving her, Nangong Yi did the opposite at the critical moment!

“His Highness the Crown Prince is entering!”

It was at this moment a brief announcement interrupted her train of thought. Covering up the grotesque look in her eyes, Bai Ruo reverted back to her usual pitiful self.

“Husband…” Her voice soft and weak.

If this was the usual Nangong Yi, the prince would’ve lost any form of unpleasantness after hearing that. However, he now only had the topic of Bai Yan in his head, making his mood very irritable.

“Bai Ruo, do you know what happened today?” The man’s voice was strong and unpleasant.

“I don’t know my husband. What’s wrong?” Bai Ruo’s face instantly went a little white there.

Ever since she’s known this man, the prince had never once addressed her with the full name. This gave her a very big hint that something was amiss here.

“Today, I saw your father and mother advocating out on the street that Bai Yan is the leading prostitute in the Flower Brothel!”


Bai Ruo’s eyes were full of surprise. Making a weak whispering voice, “That’s impossible, how could she be the leading prostitute?”

If Bai Yan was really the leading prostitute of the Flower Brothel, there’s no way her husband would be so irritated instead of showing disgust and contempt….

“Husband,” biting her lips, she meets the man with her watery eyes, “my parents must have mistaken this, there’s no way my sister could do such a thing.”

Upon hearing that statement, Nangong Yi’s gloomy expression quickly turned for the better. In his mind, whatever mistake the Bai House makes was their own issue, it’s not his or his wife’s so long as the woman didn’t collude with them.

“That’s right, you’ve guessed it. Not only that, I just learned that Bai Yan is in fact the owner of the Flower Brothel!”


Owner of the Flower Brothel?

Like a heavy hammer, this news pounded away at Bai Ruo’s heart, sending her complexion into the abysmal white.

Fortunately for the conniving woman, her position on the bed was the perfect cover, leaving Nangong Yi oblivious to obvious change in emotion.

“Husband,” she tightly clenched her fist until the nails left a deep gash in her palm, “I never expected my sister would be the owner of the Flower Brothel. This is good. If she’s doing so well then I also feel happy for her.”

Giving a complicated look at his wife, Nangong Yi didn’t quite understand her words: “Bai Yan did such horrible things to you, aren’t you angry with her? Also, she even abolished your father’s cultivation today.”

Once again, Bai Ruo’s body shuttered for a second at the news of her father’s fate. Closing her eyes, the woman’s face showed a pained expression: “She may be heartless and unsympathetic to her own family, but I can’t do that. No matter what, she is my sister, my blood.”

Opening her eyes after saying all those good words, she looked directly at her man before continuing: “And, I believe there will come a day where my sister becomes good.”



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