Overturning the Heavens chapter 187

Chapter 187 “Take Di Cang for a Fool”

Yu Rong didn’t care that her husband was desperately tugging at her sleeve. With a miserable face, she continues to cry out with tears flowing down the side: “The truth is Your Highness, years ago the one who found you isn’t Bai Yan, it’s my youngest daughter Bai Zhi. I couldn’t bear to let others deceive you, that’s why I’m telling you this. Please, you must get justice for us!”

Wah! An uproar promptly exploded out of the crowd.

Heck, forget the crowd, even Nangong Yi (Crown Prince) was popping his eyes in disbelief at Yu Rong’s doing.

Smirking, Bai Yan just knew this woman would be like this. In order to achieve her goal, she’s willing to throw away Bai Zhi’s reputation too….

“Yu Rong!” Bai Zheng Xiang was desperate now. He knows, even if they are to say something like that, this wasn’t the time and place!

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“Your meaning is… the one from that day is Bai Zhi?” Di Cang continues to smile with that handsome face. However, there were no kindness or goodwill there, only a dark menacing aura.

Baddie Father is so scary right now…. Bai Xiachen instinctively stepped backwards at the face of his father’s demeanor.

“That’s right,” Yu Rong tightly clutched onto her stomach. “Your Highness, Bai Yan not only impersonated my daughter Bai Zhi, she also had someone harm my unborn child…. Please, you must get justice for us.”

As gullible as Bai Zheng Xiang was against his wife, he now knows what the woman was trying to get at. Though it’s all because of this foolish woman that caused him to lose the bond between him and his daughter here, but that child in her belly was still his….

“Yu Rong, you keep quiet!” Hurrying to warn his wife with a glare, the man then turns to face Di Cang again: “Your Highness, the fetus inside my wife’s belly is innocent. I implore you, let us leave for now so I can save the child.”

“I didn’t get even yet, how dare you imply you want to leave?” A flicker of ridicule escaped Di Cang’s smile: “Yan Yan, it seems this Yu Rong is not only a horrible stepmother, she’s even cruel enough to tarnish her own daughter’s reputation.”

To openly claim the one from back then was Bai Zhi, wouldn’t that mean she had lost her chastity at the tender age of twelve?

When hearing this, Yu Rong was slightly startled there: “No, it’s not like that… my daughter, she really…”

“You think I wouldn’t know Bai Zhi had already tasted the forbidden fruit with another men?” Wrapping his powerful arms around Bai Yan’s body, Di Cang was both protective and threatening at the same time with that gesture: “What’s more, I really like to know where you managed to get the confidence to think I would be fooled into mistaking my woman here as someone else.”

Sneaking a peek at the pair and the level of intimacy between the two, the people here finally became enlightened.

They now understands, it didn’t matter whether or not Yu Rong’s words are true, Di Cang will still pick Bai Yan in the end. Just the looks between Bai Zhi and Bai Yan was incomparable. Therefore, where did this woman’s confidence come from when they – the unrelated passerby’s – are unconvinced?

Yu Rong was truly dumbfounded now. Under normal circumstances, even if Di Cang didn’t believe her, a thorough investigation would ensue at the very least after she makes this statement. By then, Di Cang will naturally know the one from six years ago wasn’t Bai Yan.

So why, why would Di Cang be so certain it’s her? So certain it’s Bai Yan?

“Bai Yan, you say it, tell him you are not from that night six years ago! How can you sleep at night by deceiving others?!” Tightly biting her lips, Yu Rong’s eye was full of resentment as she glared at the source of her misfortune.

Pricking her brow at the strange demand, Bai Yan was unmoved: “I can sleep very well at night, thank you very much. Rather it’s you, does my mother come haunt you in your dreams at night?”

As soon as her words came forward, though brief and short, Bai Yan can still clearly pick up a flicker of panic in Yu Rong’s eye.



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  1. “So why, why would Di Cang be so certain it’s her? So certain it’s Bai Yan?”

    Um… maybe because she has a six year old son that can transform into a fox that basically is like a mini Di Cang? So how many other women have a precocious six-year old son that can transform into a fox?

  2. I thought Bai Xiachen and Di Cangs resemblance to each other was uncanny, shouldn’t that be all the evidence necessary?
    Thanks for the chapter.

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