Overturning the Heavens chapter 186

Chapter 186 “With a Stepmother comes a Stepfather”

“Impossible, it must be a mistake. How could Bai Yan be the master of the Flower Brothel?” Covered with jealousy in that glare, Yu Rong only had the girl in her eyes right now.

How could she believe that? A girl that can easily be trampled by her six years ago would suddenly transform into a high and mighty existence, the master of the Flower Brothel.

Even if the Flower Brothel were to submit to someone, it should’ve been my daughter Bai Zhi and Bai Ruo, why this bitch? That Hualuo has the worst sight in this world!

Likely able to sense the fluctuation in the air, Hualuo shoots an ironic grin at Yu Rong: “So you are my mistress’s stepmother? It’s as the old saying goes, if there’s a stepmother then there’s a stepfather.”

Though the charming woman’s gaze was still on the bleeding figure on the ground, her words were meant for Bai Zheng Xiang instead to the other side.

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If this was someone else saying this to him, the man in question would’ve at least refuted the claim. However, it was Hualuo, a being far superior to himself in standing. Heck, if there’s a hole right now, Bai Zheng Xiang would’ve squirmed into it out of embarrassment.

“Mother!” Just as Bai Yan was slowly encroaching in on that pair of shameless existence, a sharp childish voice suddenly broke through the sky and caught her attention.

Halting in her steps, she and the rest of the crowd all looked up to what’s coming from above…..

It was a throne, a crimson red throne pulled by four silvery wolves. With an enchanting yet arrogant smile, the man’s silvery hair literally gave this man an almost surreal image like he’s an otherworldly existence gazing down at the mortals.

But that’s not all though. Sitting next to this man was another person, a doll like child that raised no questions about his lineage. One small and one big, together they formed the stunning duo that can’t be denied.


The first to disembark from the ride was the white cat in the child’s arm. Dashing over to Bai Yan’s side, the creature first jumped up to lick the woman’s face to show his delight before issuing out a bashful cry: “Meow.”

It must be said, after leaving the Holy Island, this little tiger cub had done an impeccable job of disguising himself as a cat. Sometimes, even Bai Yan would forget Little Rice was in fact a white tiger now.

However…… when the foolish tiger wildly ran into Bai Yan’s embrace, he seems to have forgotten there’s still a dangerous figure behind his back. In that same moment, Di Cang’s expression was so dark that it looked like those eyes can shoot lightning at his target.


Not to be outdone by his friend, Bai Xiachen also jumped off the throne and tottered over to his mother’s side. With a lovely smile, the little steam bun softly said: “I heard some people were bullying Uncle, so we came.”

“Its okay now, I can handle this.” Gently rubbing the little boy’s head, a genuine smile escapes the mother’s mouth before turning up to Di Cang, “How come you are here too?”

Evil yet seductive, Di Cang gave no doubt that he’s in charge: “How can I not come when my future brother-in-law is being harmed?”

Bai Xiao who was still in the middle of his astonishment abruptly started to twitch in his expression after hearing that sentence. For some unknown reason, his heart was having a very difficult time accepting that form of address from Di Cang.

“So who is it, who’s the idiot that’s foolish enough to harm my future brother-in-law?”

Sweeping his threatening gaze across the onlookers, his eyes eventually fell upon Bai Zheng Xiang in the end.


Unable withstand that level of pressure, the man immediately took to the ground and started shivering: “Lord Cang, I….”

“Lord Cang!” Not waiting for Bai Zheng Xiang to say another word, Yu Rong had already spoken out with that unrecognizable face due to all that sobbing and bruise, “I beg you Lord Cang, please get justice for us!”

The crowd was baffled and shocked.

This…. it can’t be, did Yu Rong lose her mind from being beaten so hard? Lord Cang is obviously here to protect Bai Yan and her brother. Why would she ask him to get justice?



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  1. If this family isn’t going to be finished this arc, I don’t know where I will put my frustrations. They’re just simply beyond stupid. Are their brains made of sh%t? Ugh….

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      As far as I can tell the entire novel so far can be considered one arc right now. =P.

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  3. AHAHAHA. Waiting for Di Cang to serve justice… by splattering that b*tch’s guts all over the Prime Minister’s estate. She really was beaten too hard, she’s gone completely nuts. It’s like the murderer screaming at the judge to seek justice against the victim’s family.

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    The stated reason as to why she’s not is so her brother can inherit the Bai family, but the Bai family doesn’t seem to have enough to justify that investment. I imagine her brother’s connection to Bai Yan is infinitely more valuable a connection than whatever his last name brings him. Especially now that her schemes have forced the Bai family to extort those under them to pay off her mother dowry.

    Usually the MC at least has to live with the family which in itself justifies the scheming revenge plot as the family won’t leave her alone so why not counter their attacks, but here Bai Yan has her own house and her maternal family to rely on. Bai Yan’s foundation is much more solid than most MCs in stories that attempt this sort of plot, but at the same time her family is a lot less competent than their counterparts. The result is in slaps that have no impact.

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