Overturning the Heavens chapter 185

Chapter 185 “She is the Head of the Flower Brothel (2)”

“Pfff.” Hualuo’s laughter was both mocking and sarcastic: “Bai Zheng Xiang, are you really stupid or just acting? If my mistress didn’t order me to do something, would I do it?”

“Mi… Miss Hualuo, I just…”

Bai Zheng Xiang had wanted to explain himself when he suddenly realized something important. Widening his eyes, horror and shock instantly irrigated his expression.

“Mi… Miss Hualuo…what did you call her?”

In reality, he should’ve been able to guess Bai Yan’s identity as soon as Left Guardian addressed her as “Mistress”.

Yet at the time he only had the thought of getting close to the Flower Brothel, hence the reason why he would make this low-level of an error.

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“Bai Zheng Xiang, you should be thankful for your luck; otherwise, you would already be dead right now.”

Before her mistress had wanted to find out the cause of Lanyue’s death, hence the reason why they’ve been investigating the case from all sorts of angles. But with the death of the old birth nanny, the only trail left was through the Bai House. If not for this reason, those people would be destroyed by now!

Of course, Bai Zheng Xiang may have survived until now by relying on his luck, but after today’s incident, even if he’s escaped death, it’s a definite he won’t be whole after this encounter.

Disregarding the shock and attention from everyone, Hualuo went ahead and came before Bai Yan. With one knee lowered to the ground, she respectfully said, “Mistress, I’ve come late, please punish me.”

Donning a red glimmering dress, Bai Yan was like a masterpiece in her beauty with that swaying black hair. As her smirking smile pierced through the crowd and lands on the man responsible for all this, her eyes instantly turned sharp, frightening even the unrelated onlookers nearby.

If a passerby can be scared to such a degree, there’s no way Bai Zheng Xiang will be fine. In his falter, he staggers backward and nearly fell to the ground. Luckily there was a tree there, which helped him keep his balance.

Even so, his heart was in so much pain right now. Not over the fact that he’s harmed his own flesh and blood, nay! It’s over his own wasted effort during this period.

Why did he wait all those days outside the old manor? Of course it’s in order to get close to Hualuo.

But now of all times, someone tells him the daughter in which he discarded was the true owner of the Flower Brothel!

Was this ironic or what?

Bai Zheng Xiang regrets it now, he really does. If only he knew Bai Yan had such a status, he would’ve done everything to treat her well when she first retuned!

“How can this be……” Disbelief filled Nangong Yi’s ashen face. As he clenched his fist, a deep scarring pain covered those eyes.

Just now when he heard Bai Yan was a prostitute at the Flower Brothel, he was honestly glad that was the case. Glad over the fact that he chose right back then, and glad that Di Cang took a woman that’s been ridden by all sorts of men out there!

But now… the Head of the Flower Brothel herself had claimed that Bai Yan was her mistress!

That’s the Flower Brothel dammit, an organization equivalent to the royal family! Why did Bai Yan have to be the owner?!

Based on what can she do that?

Compared with the regret gripping Bai Zheng Xiang and the unwillingness hanging around Nangong Yi, more were looking on with contempt after their initial shock. However, the contempt firing out from these people weren’t aimed at Bai Yan, it’s at those who’s going against the girl.

“So the Bai family didn’t even get her status right when they claimed she’s a prostitute. Che, talk about being disgusting. How can they even claim to be her family when they are so willing to stigmatize her?!”

“It’s no wonder Bai Yan and her brother are so rebellious. With such people as their family, even I wouldn’t want them.”

Before these people were still accusing Bai Xiao of being unfilial, but after witnessing how shameless and cruel the Bai family was in reality, it made sense to them now.

“With such relatives, who wouldn’t be rebellious? What, are they supposed to be good and obedient instead?”

“Seriously, I can’t believe they can have the heart to do such cruel things to their own blood. If it were me, I can never do that to my own child.”

Hearing the undisguised discussions hovering around himself, Bai Zheng Xiang’s face was twitching profusely. There were many times where he wanted to speak out to defend himself, but against that indifferent expression on his daughter’s face, the man here didn’t have the courage to say it….



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    • It’s respectable to own an information brokering business so powerful it’s stands at the same level as the imperial royal family in terms of influence. Brothel ownership is not a concern at that point.
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