Overturning the Heavens chapter 182

Chapter 182 “Will Not Tolerate (1)”

Due to how startling the order came at, Left Guardian couldn’t retract his fist in time and sent Bai Zheng Xiang flying out with that punch. “Mistress, I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop in time….”

“I won’t blame you. Move to one side first.” Shrouded in a layer of frost, Bai Yan’s piercing gaze swept across Yu Rong and the rest standing there: “Who is it that harmed my brother just now?”

Yu Fei’s expression dramatically change at the question because If he didn’t hear it wrong, the man who sent his brother-in-law flying was addressing the girl as “Mistress”.

Impossible, isn’t this Bai Yan a useless trash?!

As if sensing the change in the air, Bai Yan’s focus swiftly shifted over to the source, “It’s you isn’t it?”

“I…” Yu Fei nervously bites his lip, “It’s not my fault that he’s hurt, its Bai Xiao’s. He secretly hid away the Dan pills and even offered it to an outsider!”

Bai Yan sneered: “Since it’s you then there’s no need to say more.”

Leaping up with her figure, the tip of her shoe had moved so fast that Yu Fei didn’t even have time to realize it was right up against his cheeks by the time his eyes processed the information.


Like a sword, his body was sent flying into the nearby stalls like his brother-in-law. Blood spewed out of his mouth like a fountain, refusing to stop as his eyes emulated pure fear at his opponent.

In this instant, the entire street had turned dead silent. No words were spoken, only awe and shock at the reddish figure that could wow the world with her beauty and grace.

“Bai Yan, she… isn’t useless?”

“And her means…. damn, too ruthless.”

Apparently this kick wasn’t enough to absolve the grudge she held. Next second, a heart-piercing shriek instantly reverberated across the air as a result of Bai Yan’s heavy pull at Yu Fei’s arm.

“Bai Yan, you… stop!” Yu Rong’s hasn’t even recovered yet when she saw this scene. Having her own brother’s arm being forcefully ripped off had sent her heart aching with pain.

“He is your uncle, stop this instant!”

Uncle? Bai Yan snickered with contempt at the idea.

“I will only admit the Lan House as my family so when did someone with the surname Yu become my uncle?”

“Furthermore, I haven’t forgotten the fact that six years ago you wanted to sell me to a near fifty years old grandpa just for the sake of helping this man make a breakthrough!”

“When I wasn’t willing to betray myself, you called me a supercilious wolf because I said you can sell your own daughters instead if you want. Then let me ask you, what does that make you people in retrospect?”


The crowd gasped, truly frightened by what they heard.

They only knew that Yu Rong was going to sell Bai Yan back then, but never in their imagination did they think the woman would be so vicious!

How can someone say such shameless words?

It’s not like the Bai House couldn’t afford to buy a third grade Dan pill back then, why would they sell their own daughter for it?

Then when Bai Yan refuses, they call her a supercilious wolf?

Who is the real supercilious wolf then?

Noticing the ridiculing eyes cast upon on herself, Yu Rong’s heart shuddered. Despite this, she continues to sway the matter her way: “No matter what, our family has raised you for so many years. Its one thing you won’t help us, but to harm us?”

“Ho, me harming you people or is it you people keep trying to harm me?” Without relenting, Bai Yan trample down at the man below her feet, causing that chest to make an eerie cracking sound with every inch of force.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I think someone is getting years of grievance off her chest. They have touched the lady dragon’s reverse scale…

  2. Heh, these cannon fodder types never learn until they lose a few limbs. Actually, in most cases, they don’t learn, but go crying to some relative to avenge them. Only to bring destruction to their relatives. And the domino effect goes on.

    Remember, don’t ever tie yourself to pig-headed teammates. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. You’re just seeking death.

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