Overturning the Heavens chapter 183

Chapter 183 “Will Not Tolerate (2)”

“Today, I, Bai Yan, will put my word out. The Yu family is dead, and whoever dares to get in my way will perish along with them!”

“Bai Yan, you….” Yu Rong was trembling, which causes her blood to seep even faster and draining all her strength along with it.

Like his wife, Bai Zheng Xiang was also staring intently at her. If one didn’t know better, they might mistake this man as someone who’s seeing an enemy who’s killed his whole family.

“What are you staring at?” Left Guardian was so angry at the man’s attitude that he didn’t think twice about slapping him across the face.

Despite the humiliation, Bai Zheng Xiang continues to stay silent with his face twisting into an ugly scowl that’s no different from someone suffering from constipation.

Even if he didn’t have a brain, he did have enough insight to see that the foe was also at the sky rank in terms of cultivation. What’s more, it’s at the peak level, one tier higher than himself who’s at the mid level!

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“Husband! Are you okay?” A flash of panic exploded out of Yu Rong’s eye as she glared daggers at Bai Yan: “How can you let your patron treat your father like this?”

Turning even colder in her expression, Bai Yan didn’t even look at the idiotic woman: “Gao Yi, slap her for me!”

After this order, Gao Yi quickly appeared before Yu Rong to carry out the task. Since he was aching to do something of similar order to begin with, he didn’t hold back at all. A brief while later, Yu Rong’s mouth had swollen into a bruised lump of purplish red.

Looking even worse than before, Bai Zheng Xiang forcefully climbs back up and turns to his daughter: “Bai Yan, no matter what I’m still your father. Why must you be so cruel and refuse to listen? I only want you to repent and come back to the right path.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” not giving Bai Yan a chance to speak, he continues, “all of you come and see this. Look at how this good daughter of mine treat me! Its bad enough she’s fallen into become a leading prostitute at the Flower Brothel, she’s now having one of her patrons humiliate her own family! Such a daughter deserves nothing but a miserable end!”

Not flinching in the least at the insult, Bai Yan only raised a smirk while letting the shameless man continue on with his rant.

Sure enough, as more and more crowds gathered at the scene to listen in on his words, gasps and shock were hovering in the air.

Oh heavens, did they hear it wrong? Bai Yan is the Flower Brothel’s prostitute? The type that does ***** on a regular basis for money?

Just as everyone was astonished over the shocking news, an angry voice abruptly broke through the commotion: “Bai Yan, I never thought you would be such a person!”

The voice was very familiar, so familiar that it caused her to raise a brow. Sweeping over to the source, Bai Yan can see it’s the livid looking Nangong Yi (Crown Prince).

“How surprising, to think you would recover so quickly after two hundred rods.”

Going green in his face, Nangong Yi still haven’t forgotten the pain from that ordeal. If not for his father’s generosity of giving him a fourth grade medicinal pill from the treasury, he would still be in bed moaning in pain.

Unfortunately for this family, there were only two pills available. One was naturally for him, the other for his son. As for Bai Ruo, that woman can only remain in the bed due to her injuries.

“Humph, if I didn’t recover so quickly, I wouldn’t have known the kind of disgusting deeds you’ve done!” Crunching his fists into a tight ball, Nangong Yi’s expression was very unsightly right now due to the anger burning in his eyes.

If someone didn’t know better here, they might mistake Bai Yan as having an affair behind the man’s back.

Ignoring the unrelated person, Bai Yan shifts her gaze back to her supposed father: “I don’t know who told you this lie that I’m a prostitute at the Flower Brothel, but I don’t care either way. Maybe even in death you won’t change that habit of yours in believing just any random lie.”

“However,” she smirked, raising an eerie chill in the air, “you should never have harmed my brother. In this world, I will not tolerate anyone from hurting him!”



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