Overturning the Heavens chapter 178

Chapter 178 “The Strong Robs the Weak (1)”

Yu Rong’s face froze, her eyes widening in shock.


It’s not some spirit pill, but some medicinal healing pill?

This bastard set me up!

In the blink of an eye, Bai Zheng Xiang also understood what’s going on. He turned around to face the boy, his eyes filled with anger: “Oh Bai Xiao, when did you become so deceitful like your sister? I don’t care whether the pill in your hand is a spirit pill or a healing pill. As long as you are my son then you must hand over your possessions to me for safekeeping.”

Looking at Bai Zheng Xiang’s righteous appearance, Bai Xiao tightens his lip at the sight. All of a sudden, an indescribable fatigue overtook his body.

For so many years, he’s been patient because he didn’t want to lose everything that his mother so painstaking worked for to be destroyed. This way, he will have the necessary power to back his sister in the future. That was his plan.

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But now, he understands that with the shamelessness of these people, the Bai House will be destroyed before it reaches his hand!

“I, Bai Xiao, am fatherless and motherless. In this world, I only have one sister and a nephew. Based on what can unrelated people like you ask me of my possession?”

“Damn you!” Bai Zheng Xiang’s roars out, scolding his son in full force: “Is it Bai Yan that unfilial girl who instilled these thoughts into your head? You used to be so good, but now that your sister is back, you suddenly became so disobedient.”

“Husband, don’t be angry, let me have a talk with him first.” Seeing how more and more people were gathering with no end in sight, Yu Rong knew things cannot continue like this. Hurrying over to her husband’s side, she attempts to sooth that puffing chest with her stroke.

“Bai Xiao, you are a son of the Bai House, that makes you forever part of the family. In order to not let others deceive you, we have the obligation to look after your possessions.”

If there’s so much Dan pill on Bai Xiao’s body, how can they let him go? If they are not careful here, it might just fall into that bitch Bai Yan’s hand. That’s pretty much what’s going through the woman’s head anyways.

“There is nothing wrong with Madam Bai’s request. As his parent, they are in their right to look after his finances and possession. Even if they did wrong him, that doesn’t change the fact.”

“Bai Xiao isn’t his sister. Bai Yan may have been driven out of the family by her father, but the boy’s name is still hanging in the Clan Hall. He cannot swallow these valuables.”

Like thorns, the discussion from the crowd directly pierced into his heart, hurting him to the point where his expression had transformed into the winter storm.

Right now, never had he wished so hard that he’s not a part of the Bai family. If that was the case, none of these problems would occur….

“You people want the Dan pills?” Suddenly out of nowhere, Bai Xiao started laughing hysterically.

Towards this strange behavior, Yu Rong somehow felt a chill running down her spine that she can’t explain.

“Even if destroy them, I will never give them to such beasts like you people!”

“What did you say?!” Yu Rong widened her eyes, “Based on what can you destroy my Bai family’s stuff?”

“Based on what? Based on the fact that these are all given to me by my sister. She’s no longer part of the Bai family, making these pills unrelated to any of you!”


I can’t do anything if you keep saying I’m a son of the Bai House, then what about my sister? She was openly expelled by you people, now you got nothing to say right?

“Bai Yan?” Yu Rong snickered at the statement: “She’s nothing but a leading prostitute at the Flower Brothel, how can she possibly get her hands on such valuables. Are you taking me for a fool?”

Though the name included the word “leading”, but in the end, such an entity was nothing more than woman that’s ridden by any men who can pay the price.

An existence of the lowest level!


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  1. Since Yu Rong unleash her sword about Bai Yan being the leading prostitute at Flower Brothel, she better hope that this sword does not come back and stab herself.

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