Overturning the Heavens chapter 176

Chapter 176 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (5)”

“I’m okay,” wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, “give him the Dan pill first, he’s an acquaintance of mine.”

“Yes, Sir Xiao.” Following the affirmation, the man swiftly ran over to the unconscious youth’s side.

At the sight of his actions, Yu Fei’s eye had gone red with fury: “Stop! That is our Bai House’s stuff, meaning it’s my sister’s belonging. Who gave you permission to use it on an outsider?”

How can Bai Xiao have a Dan pill? It must be stolen property. And even if he did obtain it with his own ability, he’s a son of the Bai family, making his possession my sister’s.

Such good medicine, based on what can he give it to an outsider?

If he’s going to give it to an outsider, he might as well give it to me!

Of course, this last sentence was the real reason why he wanted the pill.

“Father, that’s a Dan pill, I want it!”

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The juvenile beside Yu Fei tugs at his father’s sleeve, all the while staring intently at the beady object in the guard’s hand.

“Father, Bai Xiao this bastard must have stolen a lot of Dan pills from the Bai House. I want them, I want them!” A young girl also came out from behind and started shouting this demand, “Father, on what qualification does he deserves those pills? It should be us, not this bastard!”

Hearing the words from this pair of brother and sister, Yu Fei’s face also softened: “Alright, alright, I will get them for you two in a bit, don’t worry.”

Apparently this man and his children had no qualms about taking other peoples stuff. Even so, the guard simply ignored him and stuffed the pill into the youth’s mouth.

“How dare you!” Yu Fei grew furious, “You are but a dog of our Bai House, how dare you take what is ours and give it to an outsider. Just wait, once I let my brother-in-law knows about this, I will have him beat you to death!”

Since the man was willing to take orders from Bai Xiao, he assumed it’s safe to believe this guard was also working for the Bai House.

Hearing Yu Fei’s words, the man’s face immediately turned cold. No matter what, he’s still a sky class martialist, a being that would be looked on in awe no matter where he went. To think he would be called a dog here…..

“Even if the chief of the Bai House were to stand in front of me, he would not dare be so presumptuous in my presence!” The man known as the Left Guardian to his peers makes an ironic sneer, holding the other side in contempt with those eyes.

Hearing this, Yu Fei instantly broke out into a laughing fit: “You’re but a little guard, how dare you put on a face in front of me. Against an insect like you, all I need to do is flex a finger and I can easily squash you!”

Left Guardian’s expression was full of ridicule, Why is it that anyone remotely related to Bai Zheng Xiang are always like this, like to seek their own death?

“Sorry, but I haven’t fallen so low that I need to move my own hands to deal with you.”


As soon as these words came out, Yu Fei’s body instantly flew out into the crowd like he’s been pummeled in the chest with a giant fist.

“Who, who attacked me?!” Crawling up with rage in his eyes, Yu Fei’s expression was very ugly right now.

As for the man standing in front of Bai Xiao, he didn’t even have him in his eyes. In this foolish man’s view, if anyone had such great strength, they would already have left the Bai House and went to work under the royal family or some other similar power.

“Brother!” It was at this moment a hurried voice broke through the air from the back.

When the crowd turned around to look for the source, what came into view was Bai Zheng Xiang and Yu Rong rushing over with their people.


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