Overturning the Heavens chapter 174

Chapter 174 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (3)”

Someone that doesn’t put the interest of the Bai family ahead of everyone else doesn’t deserve to be my son.

“Those from the Lan family aren’t good people either. When Di Cang came to forced us to return the dowry, none of them even came forward to say a single word! If even one of them said something, would Di Cang still insist on the matter?” Gritting his teeth, Bai Zheng Xiang’s gaze turned exceptionally sharp.

Raising a slight smirk, this was exactly what Yu Rong wanted to see. So long as her husband remains on her side, there’s nothing to fear anymore from Bai Yan’s end. This includes what happened in the past, it no longer matters anymore!

“Wife, you go rest first while I go pick up our daughter from the prison. Be sure to watch your body during this critical time.” At the mention, the man’s heart instantly started to hurt.

Zhi’s been inside the prison for so long, I bet she must have suffered a lot. I just hope her face isn’t harmed in any way, otherwise that’s a big loss!

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First giving a couple of instructions to the servant girls to care for his wife, Bai Zheng Xiang then hurriedly ran off to the prison. Unfortunately for him, due to the lack of people to receive him, he can only wait outside the main door for someone to come out. This lasted from last night’s evening to the very next morning.

“Lord Bai, why are you waiting here?!” The prison guard exclaimed as soon as he saw the panda eyed man standing there.

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, Bai Zheng Xiang had to try extremely hard to suppress his anger at the question: “Lord Cang said as soon as I returned the dowries, he will release my daughter Bai Zhi. I’ve done as he asked so I’m here to pick up my daughter.”

Now the prison guard was even more astonished in his eyes: “But Lord Bai, Bai Zhi had already been released awhile ago, did you not know?”


Why did I not know, and why did no one from home come inform me?”

It can’t be…. I wasted the entire night waiting?

Not looking good at all in his complexion, Bai Zheng Xiang didn’t utter another word; instead, he promptly turned for the direction in which he came.

And of course, there’s no way he would be able to know that Bai Zhi had in fact just been released from the Flower Brothel after being forced to take on the last customer.

By the time he returned to his home, he just so happens to bump into the dispirited Bai Zhi making her own way home from the opposite direction.

“Father!” At the sight of her old man, Bai Zhi’s pent up humiliation all came pouring out in one flow. Unable to keep her body upright, she loses her footing and fell forward to the ground with tears seeping out of her eyes.

“Zhi!” Screaming out this name in horror, Bai Zheng Xiang rushes up to catch his daughter: “What happened to you? How did you become like this?”

Bruised all over with her clothes in tatters, Bai Zhi appeared absolutely horrible due to how pale her complexion looked.

“My daughter, I heard people say you’ve been abducted into the Flower Brothel. Tell me, is it Bai Yan who’s behind it?”

Shuddering at the question, Bai Zhi bites her lip before meekly responding: “Father, I was inside the prison the entire time, not at the Flower Brothel.”

How can she possible let anyone know about her horrific experience? Even if it’s her own father, there’s no way she can let anyone know! Otherwise, this man will surely abandon her too after learning she’s of no value.

Just recalling that nightmarish experience again, Bai Zhi instantly became overwhelmed with weakness and closed her eyes in hope of forgetting it.

Compared to the Flower Brothel, she would’ve preferred the punishment from the prison. Though the torturing sessions were painful, at the very least she would’ve remained intact. At the Flower Brothel, she could barely rest because of all the sickening men she had to serve. Then at night, that’s when the true nightmares began. There were no ends to the things she was forced to do and take from the special parties organized just for her…..

In short, she’s done things she never thought possible with her body. Whether it be inside or outside, something has definitely been broken.

“It’s great that you weren’t at the Flower Brothel,” Bai Zheng Xiang was definitely relieved to hear this. “Only people like Bai Yan would sell herself to such an establishment. Such a place, it’s better to die than to fall that low.”



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  1. Good, now how about you follow through with your own words and send your broken shoe of a daughter, Bai Zhi, on her merry way. Filthy hypocrite.

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