Overturning the Heavens chapter 172

Chapter 172 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (1)”

“How accurate is this?” Stern in her voice, Bai Yan asked.

If Lanyue (mother) gave birth to a stillborn, then what does that make me?

“It was purely coincidence that Lady Chu met that birth nanny. Through the old granny’s mouth, we were able to confirm this news… Just that, after we pried the information out of her, the granny suddenly changed her words and said Lanyue had in fact gave birth to a set of twins. She kept the living one and secretly buried the dead one.”

Hualuo (Flower Brothel head) checks on Bai Yan’s expression. Confirming there’s no change, she continued: “But I suspect Mrs. Lanyue didn’t actually give birth to a set of twins, otherwise it be impossible for Bai Zheng Xiang to not know about the stillborn.”

“You said that man doesn’t know?” A flickering light quickly flashed in her eyes.

“That’s correct Mistress, no one aside from the birth nanny knows about it.”

How can Mistress have such a scumbag of a father? If this information is true, then everything makes sense….

Bai Yan was silent for a moment: “Don’t make this public for now, and be sure to keep it from my brother until we get to the bottom of this matter!”

“Yes Mistress.” Responding with an affirming nod, Hualuo then reveals a seductive smile for her next question: “Then what should we do about the Bai House?”

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“Just leave them be for now. I don’t want to cause any surprises until everything is made clear. Besides, someone else will deal with Bai Zheng Xiang anyways.”

Complicated inside, Bai Yan’s heart was stuck in turmoil right now. If this is true, that means me and Bai Xiao is not related…..

“Okay.” Hualuo’s face was full of delight over the lack of command.

“However, the Bai House will definitely be unhappy over the return of the dowries. Before they can resort to using public opinions against us, we need to make the first move.” A blast of cold light beamed out of Bai Yan’s pupil.

“What should I do then Mistress?” Hualuo’s expression turned serious.

“Go declare to everyone and claim Yu Rong had expended everything that was my mother’s dowry. Say in order to repay me, they forced their subordinate families to gather the necessary funds and forced some of the weaker ones to take refuge under the Lan House. As evidence, we can have those weaker families be our witness.” Bai Yan’s looked abnormally sinister right now with that smile.

She will never allow herself to be in a passive situation. Therefore, she must make the pre-emptive strike.


Naturally, Bai Zheng Xiang knew nothing of the plans currently brewing up for him inside the old manor. Right now, he’s too busy dealing with his wife because of how empty his hands were.

“Husband, didn’t we discuss this already? We will use Bai Yan’s secret to threaten her and make her give us the dowries. How come you came back with nothing? Don’t tell me you are still thinking of her as your daughter?” As soon as Yu Rong saw her husband return with nothing, her heart immediately tensed up.

Never once in this woman’s heart did she intend to return the dowry. The whole thing was nothing more than a sham to fool Di Cang. However, what she didn’t expect though was the fact that Bai Yan would really accept it despite the threat!

Bai Zheng Xiang’s face was very ugly as he explained: “Who told you I’m still holding her as my daughter? That stinking girl not only didn’t yield under my threat, she even had the nerve to throw me out of the place!”

Just thinking about how humiliating it was today, Bai Zheng Xiang’s chest would start huffing up and down from anger.

Yu Rong was stunned: “Isn’t she afraid of us revealing her secret?”



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  1. Lol, reveal her “secret”. It’s just delusional slander and they manufactured themselves and they completely believe it.

  2. Don’t understand… could someone explain about the relation of the stillborn and Bai Yan Bai Xiao?

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