Overturning the Heavens chapter 166

Chapter 166 “The Unlucky Princess (4)”

“Bai Yan, I definitely won’t be so wasteful next time. If I can take anything with me, I will do that for sure.”

Lightly stroking her chin, Bai Yan earnestly nodded: “Alright, remember next not to be so wasteful next time. You should…” Before she could finish her sentence, her face instantly went dark.

Chu Yi Yi didn’t understand at first over her friend’s strange behavior, but as soon as she turned around, she knew and was scared out of her wits.

“Bai Yan, I just recalled I have something to do. I’ll take my leave first.”

As soon as the young girl said this, the frightened damsel immediately made a dash for the backyard without giving anyone a chance to stop her.

Twitching in the corner of the mouth, Bai Yan grits her teeth while gazing at the enchanting man before herself: “It seems you’ve really taken my home as your own haven’t you?”

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Pricking his brow: “My place has been burned by our son.”

To be clear, he said “our” son, not “your” son. There’s a difference.

“What evidence do you have to prove Xiachen is the one who started it?”

“Whether or not its he who started the fire, it’s a fact that I’m homeless now so of course I have to come find you.”

Looking at the shameless man’s face, Bai Yan had to inhale very hard to keep her calm: “And what if I refuse?”

“You can.” Di Cang’s quick answer was somewhat unexpected here.

With surprise in her eyes: “Then why are you still staying here?”

“Of course to sleep with you.” Pulling the woman into his arms, the man’s powerful hand quickly reached down and gently stroked that tender thigh.

With every touch came a heavy jolt, causing Bai Yan to tremble incessantly with her body. Angry, she roars: “You said I can refuse so why are you not scramming?!”

“I only said you can refuse, but I didn’t say I will promise you anything…” Swelling upwards in his lips, an extremely seductive grin overtakes that enchanting face.

“Shameless!” In her fit, she makes a kneecap for the man’s lower half.

Not dodging or stopping it, Di Cang took it head on and only issued out a heavy grunt for the pain: “Now that you’ve kicked me there, it’s only proper that you take responsibility. I’m not very demanding, any room will do for our little sleep.

“Di Cang!” Pulling at the collar, Bai Yan threateningly states: “On the day that I become stronger than you, I will press you down until you can’t turn over!”

“And how do you want to press me? On the bed, or on the ground? Then again, six years ago you already did it once so I don’t mind stripping myself here to have another try….” Evil in his smile, Di Cang’s gaze was starting to become very intense like it will devour the woman before his eyes.

Sneering, Bai Yan scoffed it off as nothing more than a worthless threat: “Even if you undress yourself here, you won’t have the ability to do it anyways.”

She had already poisoned him several days ago, meaning the man here can’t possibly raise that thing down there….

Narrowing his eyes, Di Cang daringly pulled Bai Yan’s hand for the bottom part between his knees: “Then why don’t you check for yourself by touching it.”


Bai Yan originally wanted to flare out again, but as soon as her hand came into contact with a certain hot spot, she flinched and jolted her fingers away instantly.

“You’re supposed to be poisoned by me!”

How can this happen?

Grinning deviously: “My blood can detoxify any poison. After returning that day, it only took a few hours for the poison to be cured. Now, what else do you have in mind for me aside from your poisons?”

Completely dark in her face, Bai Yan hurriedly breaks free from the man’s arm and retreated with haste.

“Di Cang, you beast!”

“I am a beast to begin so calling me that isn’t wrong. However…” Chuckling at the border of being hysteric, Di Cang knew he’s had her now: “In a bit, I will show you what it means to be a real beast!”

That’s right, Bai Yan had forgotten this guy was an animal to begin with, meaning the term “beast” for him wasn’t wrong at all.

And, he’s not only just an animal, he’s also a very sly, sly, FOX!


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