Overturning the Heavens Chapter 164

Chapter 164 “The Unlucky Princess (2)”

“It’s my fault, it’s all my fault!” Nangong Yuan’s voice was full of regret, “I originally thought none of you would go provoke him, that’s why I never told you about his identity. But everything’s changed now with Bai Yan’s return.

Prior to the girl’s return, Di Cang had already spent several years in the kingdom, yet nothing noteworthy took place.

Then all of a sudden Bai Yan came back…. Whether it be his favorite son, daughter, wife, everyone suddenly started to go provoke the dangerous man.

“Today, you must go and apologize, or the entire kingdom will be destroyed by your hands!”


Lifting her head, the sixth princess tightly bit her lips: “Father, what do you mean by that?”

“Do you know under what circumstances did I meet Di Cang?” Making a cold laugh, Nangong Yuan sounded awfully weak here, “I still remember it clearly, he was being chased by countless king class level masters. I believe I don’t need to explain how powerful a king class martialist is right? In our kingdom, there’s only two people of that level.”

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“Yet, under the siege of so many powerful beings, can you guess how Di Cang escaped their encirclement?”

Trembling immensely in her heart, the sixth princess clutched her hand until the pain causes her lip to go pale: “Is it… Di Cang defeating all those king class masters?”

Looking at the ashen faced girl before himself, Nangong Yuan only made a slight shake of his head to refute that suggestion.

Despite that answer, the princess’s unease only got worse. Tensing up until it hurts inside, the girl couldn’t keep her eyes away from her father in order to pry the urgent detail that she needs.

“To defeat all those king class masters, Di Cang only needed one move! ONE MOVE!” Recalling the scene from that year, Nangong Yuan still couldn’t keep his nerves from shaking.


Like a thunder striking straight down into her heart, absolute horror swiftly floated out of the girl’s face.

Now she finally understood why her father would be so afraid of the man.

To think I would be so foolish as to use royal authority to pressure him into marrying me….

“I will never forget that scene from all those years ago. Even among those countless king class masters, there are a few that’s superior to all the rest, yet none were able to fend off his attack. In front of Di Cang, we were like ants, puny and insignificant. If not for that realization, you think I, the king, would be so fearful of him?”

Bittersweet inside, the sixth princess lowered her eyes: “Father, if you knew Di Cang is that strong then why did you bring him into our kingdom…”

If that man never became the Sovereign Prince, then maybe I wouldn’t have become obsessed with this terrifying man.

“It’s not me wanting him to come, it’s him demanding to come. He said becoming a titled royalty will make his search easier. Now it seems the one he’s looking for all this time is Bai Yan.”

Such a powerful man wants to be a royalty, can he refuse? Likely his own throne would be gone if he had refused back then.

Feeling the great jealousy churning in her stomach, the princess had to gnaw heavily against her own jaws in order to stop the pain overflow out of her body.

“Father, I understand. I’ll go and plead for mercy as you wish.”

Raising her head, there were both resentment and hatred in those eyes.

The resentment was for her father here over why he didn’t tell her about how terrifying Di Cang was.

As for the hatred, it’s of course meant for Bai Yan stealing her man away!

We’ll see Bai Yan, you won’t get to laugh for long. In her mind, the princess was certain a man that powerful won’t be sincere to a single woman. Sooner or later, Di Cang will just dump her and move along for a better girl!

“Your Majesty, things are not good!”

It was at this moment a panicking eunuch came running in. Looking at all that sweat, it’s pretty obvious he has urgent news to report.



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