Overturning the Heavens chapter 154

Chapter 154 “Di Cang’s Revenge (2)”

In actual fact, the identifying factor in proving ones status depends entirely on their strength.

When the Lan House’s old lord was seriously ill, it left Bai Zheng Xiang being the most powerful in the city, which allowed the Bai House to sit firmly on the top position as a first-class noble family.

But in truth…. the Bai House had always been nothing but an empty shell.

“Give him.” It was at this moment the man himself weakly issued out this answer: “Give him the ten million, but we need time to prepare.”

“Very well, once you’ve finished preparing the gold then I will have the third grade medicinal pill ready,” the old alchemist smiles approvingly. “Do remember this, anything weaker will have no effect on your recovery and only I can provide the medicine nearby.”

Tightly grasping onto the bed sheet, Bai Zheng Xiang inhaled deeply before calming down: “Someone come, see Master Yu out.”

“Yes, your lordship.” Making a respectful bow, the maid led the way for the old alchemist.

With only the two of them left now, Bai Zheng Xiang then ordered Yu Rong to close the door while deliberately lowering his voice: “In the past I have never oppressed the various powers under me because I wanted to protect the Bai name, but there’s no other way now. Go get them to gather the necessary funds for me!”

In this world, the reasoning why the strong holds such prestige was precisely for this reason – they can rob the weak.

What’s more, as slow as he was, Bai Zheng Xiang had by now discovered his own inability to do business. As such, he can only take the underhanded method for convenience sake.

“Alright, I will go prepare for it in a bit.” Looking at her husband’s swollen face, Yu Rong worriedly asks, “Husband, you still haven’t told me what happened today.”

As soon as the topic was mentioned again, Bai Zheng Xiang’s face turned cold: “Of course it can only be that retched daughter of mine. Bai Yan, she is actually Hualuo’s (Flower Brothel) people…”

Afterwards, he then went ahead to describe the events that took place, all the while not forgetting to show off how much anger he had in his voice.

Understanding the ins and outs now, a cruel light quickly flickered across Yu Rong’s eye. “How can a person like Hualuo use someone like Bai Yan? In my opinion, perhaps the reasoning for Bai Yan’s disappearance in the past few years is due to the girl selling herself to the Flower Brothel and becoming a prostitute. Also, I have a strong suspicion that demon beast she gave the Lan House is also from this.”

The more she went on, the more sensible she found her story to be. Otherwise, how can a girl that’s known to be weak and useless change so much?

“No, that’s not it.” The man shakes his head to refute the assumption. “The lass beside Bai Yan has a lot of powerful guards and their strength is no weaker than a sky class martialist like I. Moreover, for her to be able to enter and leave the old manor at will, it proves her status isn’t ordinary.”

Sky class level guards?

Yu Rong shuddered at the thought because in the kingdom, only the royal family would have such strength to utilize such personnel. Furthermore, the following sentence from her husband only proved her idea even more.

“Also, I heard the guards calling the lass Princess.”

Lowering her face like she’s in deep contemplation, Yu Rong suddenly clenched her fist and turned sharp in the eyes: “Husband, back when I was interacting with Lady Chu of the Flower Brothel, I learned from the woman that the most popular prostitute in their possession are also called Princess to show off their superior status. If what you say is true, then everything makes sense.”

“But, even if she is one, so what? A prostitute is still a prostitute, a lowly woman that can only sell her body will not change no matter what sort of title she’s given!” Gnashing her teeth, Yu Rong was filled with hate.

Now she finally understands why Lady Chu would turn up so suddenly on that day, it’s all pre-orchestrated!

Punching the bedside, Bai Zheng Xiang himself was also full of hatred now: “How can Lanyue give birth to such a shameless daughter when she’s so kind and gentle?”



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