Overturning the Heavens chapter 84

Chapter 84 “Di Cang’s Might (2)”

Hearing Bai Zhi’s excitement, Eunuch Li didn’t bother to explain in more details and continued to smile.

This time, he not only needed to pass on the decree to the Bai House, he also needs to make another visit to the Lan House and the Cang Manor.

It didn’t matter anyways in the man’s view. Now that the Queen herself had made the decision, there’s no way Lord Cang would dare resist the order!

“Miss Zhi, I still have other business to attend to. I shall take my leave first.”

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“Someone come.” Bai Zheng Xiang had also come back to his senses by now, “Help see Eunuch Li out.”

Naturally, Bai Zhi could care less whether or not the eunuch’s existed now that she has the decree in her hands. Making a shy face: “Father, I’m going to tell the world of this, that I’m going to be Lord Cang’s wife! This way those women out there can forget about having the idea of eyeing my fiancé!”

Especially Bai Yan that bitch!

So what if you can get my fiancé’s attention. In the end you are nothing but an unclean woman. Lord Cang will never take you as his wife!

“Very well, go then.”

Sweeping away the gloominess from before, Bai Zheng Xiang reveals a proud smile on that handsome face: “Also, go take a trip to the Lan House and have them attend your wedding ceremony. I want those people to know that my daughter will always be the best!”

As for Bai Yan….

Nothing but a unfilial daughter that’s been expelled from her family!

“Yes Father, I will do that.” Sticking out her tender tongue in happiness, she hastily runs out of the estate with the decree still in hand.

In truth, even if her father doesn’t tell her to, Bai Zhi would definitely make another visit to the Lan House to gloat.


Cang Manor, majestic and mighty in its appearance. Even the two golden lion statues at the gate seems to come alive at a glance. This left Eunuch Li quite scared by the imposing image before him.

“You go make a visit to the Lan House.” Turning to the little eunuch following behind himself, Eunuch Li orders the boy: “Directly pass the Queen’s decree and order Bai Yan to become Lord Cang’s concubine.”

He has already finished the task of pleasing the main wife so of course he wouldn’t need to bother with a measly consort.

Making a slight bow, the young eunuch accepts the order and went ahead to carry out his order.

Alone again, Eunuch Li was ready to step inside the estate when the two standing guards stopped him at the entrance. “Halt! His lordship has ordered, no one is allowed inside without his explicit order.”

Gently knitting his brow over the fact that he’s been left standing outside, “I am here to pass on the Queen’s decree. Please have Lord Cang come out to accept it.”

Queen’s decree?

The two guards exchanged a look with each other, their foreheads beginning to seep sweat.

“The lordship’s order is absolute. No matter who comes, there will be no exception.”

Eunuch Li’s forehead became tighter and tighter. Hastening to step forward another step, his sharp voice cries out again: “By the Queen’s decree, please have Lord Cang come out to receive his order!” Echoing in the air, that voice wouldn’t scatter even after a long time…

Seeing there’s no response from the inside, he wanted to try again when an overbearing and tyrannical voice cuts him off.



Those old eye widened in disbelief.

This Lord Cang is really acting like that? I’m here on behalf of Her Queenship and he actually dares to have me scram?

Drenched with sweat, the guards knew their lord was starting to get angry. Rushing forward, the two was ready to force the old eunuch away when the man cries out again: “Lord Cang, I am here to bring a wonderful news to you! The Queen has arranged for one of the daughters of the Bai House to marry you!”



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