Overturning the Heavens chapter 61

Chapter 61 “Xiachen Searches for Uncle”

Inside the ancestral hall of the Bai House, Bai Xiao was currently leaning against the wall behind him as a burning flame courses through his body.

“Little Rice, I think this is where uncle is being kept. Let’s go inside and see.” From outside the door, a young tender voice drifts inside this quiet building.

Bai Xiao wanted to call out, but by the time he opened his mouth, nothing came out due to how parch his throat was.


The door to the ancestral hall slides open, catching the attention of the barely conscious occupant inside. From his narrow eyelids, the young lad can see his precious nephew standing there looking at him.

“Uncle!” Upon seeing the young man lying there on the ground, the little boy rushes inside with his white kitty.

Plopping to the floor, the first thing Bai Xaichen attempts to do was to touch his uncle’s forehead only to be shocked by the heat: “Oh no, you have a fever!”

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Although a martialist definitely had a stronger body with a better immune system, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get sick.

“I’m okay…” that voice was harsh and dry. Likely afraid his nephew would be worried for him, Bai Xiao barely manages to force a smile: “Xiachen, how did you get in here?”

“Mother is worried about you so she had Little Rice come find you. However, I miss you too so I came along.”

From beginning to end, Bai Xiachen’s small little hand had never stopped moving. Sorting through his deep pocket, he brought out a pile of small bottles and jars, all of which are filled with Dan pills of various effects.

“I’m sorry uncle, but I didn’t learn any medical skills from mother. I don’t know which of these can cure you.”

Since childhood he only had interest in poison. As for the methods of saving others, he honestly didn’t have a clue…

“Maybe,” a glow fills the boy’s eye as he raises his head. “Maybe you can try them all?”

“This is…” Looking down at the indicated containers, doubt could be seen in Bai Xiao’s gaze.

Still as innocent and bright as ever: “These are mine and Little Rice’s snack collection. Mother prepared them for us.”


Looking at that small delicate face, a current of warmth filled Bai Xiao’s heart. “There no need, you two keep it for yourself okay?”

In that instant, disappointment promptly replaced that smile: “I thought uncle would definitely like my snacks because my three grandshifus would always fight over them.”

Twitching in the mouth, Bai Xiao thought he was hallucinating there for a moment. Fight for some snacks? How old are they to do something so childish?

“Dummy little master,” Little Rice makes a disdainful look. “Do you think humans are all like us, able to eat Dan pills like snacks? If you have him take all of these then watch him explode!”

Blinking his innocent eye, the boy clearly didn’t get it: “I am mother’s son and uncle is mother’s brother, why can’t he eat them like us?”

Rolling his tiger eyes at the ridiculous question, Little Rice went ahead to ignore the child and began rummaging through the bottles with his claw. A short moments later, he found a certain bottle and hands it to Bai Xiao.

“If you take one then your cold will be better.”

In honest truth, Bai Xiao was a little frightened because this was the first time he’s ever heard of someone using Dan pills to treat a cold. But looking at that anticipating eye of his nephew, he can’t bear to disappoint the child. Uncorking the container, he carefully pours the content out.


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