Law of the devil chapter 25

Chapter 25 “Battle between sisters”

The tremendous upheaval made everyone afraid!

Fortunately, inside the military camp, there were not that many soldiers, as they were training far from this place by several hundred miles.

Spann was the first person who woke up, his face was full of rage. Grabbing the sword on the ground, he shouted out: “Who dares make a raid on the local military camp!!!”

Spann was angry indeed. Making a raid is the act of rebellion, high treason! If I cannot catch the enemy who burned the flag outside the camp in front of me, I will lose my position!

In the hall the other officers were also red in the eye. They quickly grabbed their weapons and followed Spann out, then thereafter came the reckoning sound of thunder striking down and red light, followed by the noise of people falling down.

The Rowling clan soldiers immediately surrounded Du Wei as first measure.

Du Wei was ahead of the main gate with anger, but soon became startled by the terrible scenes outside. Spann’s soldiers were lying on the ground. Their clothes and hairs were burnt black, everyone was moaning, unable to stand up again.

Suddenly a silver shadow appeared from the flight of steps and quickly dashed in.

This shadow moved with lightning speed, even Robert couldn’t clearly see the appearance of the enemy, he shouted: “Stop!”

Robert absorbed the inner force, his body immediately exuded rays of light. He slashed his sword, a bright white light immediately run towards the flight of steps!

The shadow seemed to have no intention of stopping; it rushed towards Robert to cross swords with him.

In a split second, Robert immediately felt the cold air in his body from the sword! This weapon made the Knight shudder, his fingers crippling cold that left him struggling to hold his weapon! Immediately, a great force hit on the blade and caused Robert to succumb to the blow, his whole body felt like being hit by electricity, losing all his senses.

The sword fell on the ground and Robert fainted because of the excruciating pain. Falling to the ground, his clothes and hairs were burnt in black, obviously the signs of being seriously wounded!

In just a split second, the new comer defeated a Knight as powerful as Robert. While Rowling clan soldiers were still surprised, the shadow ultimately stopped and stood in the central hall!

The new entry’s obviously a woman, apparently the same person that had shouted outside.

The girl calling Vivian her young sister was tall and beautiful, so much so that she can easily be the dream girl of any man. The only demerit was her lips. Though red, it had a slightly pale complexion. Then there’s those eyes, cold and icy, making the air around her murderous and hard to get close.

She wore a strange white armor with “empty pattern” – a pattern made of a hollow carving. Thin and excessively beautiful, it’s hard to image this armor being useful in combat.

But Du Wei and Solskjaer weren’t misled by the outer appearance; they can tell those are magic inscriptions with enchanting properties.

On her back, there was also a white cape that touched the ground, matching it with her silvery hair, she’s like a snowflake, fluttering in the winter storm.

White armor, white cape, delicate and beautiful, she’s like a woman that’s born of ice.

But that’s not the only reason which startled Du Wei!

At this very moment, our little noble sweeps away his usual calm demeanor and stared intently at this dangerous girl with his popping eyes!

That hair, those lips, the familiar nose, everything….

Du Wei felt like he was hit by lightning because he recognizes the girl’s appearance!

No more than a few days ago, back in the library of the Rowling clan, this person looked exactly like that person inside the hidden passageway…. Samel, the ancestor whom founded a power known as Star Magic.

If Du Wei didn’t know that she died hundreds of years ago, he would think that the magician standing before him was the very same in that message.

From appearances, the girl’s body was at least ninety percent similar to Semel’s.

Du Wei rolled his eyes and his jaw dropped. In the eyes of others, his reaction only looked like someone stricken by fear from the threat in front of him. Revolving around their master, some of the Rowling clan soldiers pointed their sword towards the girl and shouted: “Treason! How audacious of you to make a raid into the imperial military camp!”

“Ha ha ha ha …” The girl laughed coldly: “I have already done it, are you just going to stand there and make idle threats?”

She gently lifts a finger and shot a beam if ice at the loudmouth. While no one could react in time, the Rowling soldier who just shouted instantly turned to ice, his icy body dropping to the floor without resistance.

The move was too sudden with no signs at all! Du Wei ultimately regained consciousness; he glanced over at Solskjaer and saw the fear in each other’s eye!

“Rowling clan soldiers! Protect Du Wei! Risking everything you’ve got! Go!” A guardsman shouted. Raising his sword, this courageous warrior went ahead to be quickly followed by the others. Immediately a dozen people had gathered around and pointed their blades at the intruder.

The girl laughed and turned her body. Under a sudden bright light called forth by a white circle that only lasted a second, the charging soldiers were blown away and sent flying!

Immediately, over ten bodies were crashing down in every direction, some hit the wall, some crashed into the table, and some were even blown out of the hall altogether….

On the ground, there was an abundance of people. It’s unknown what type of magic this girl used but all of them fainted away to leave only Du Wei and Solskjaer in the hall.

“Oh, I didn’t expect there to be another magician here.” The girl saw Solskjaer’s robe, her eyes were shining before her smile turned cold: “Mage, where is your medal? As a magician why are you not wearing your badge?! State you ranking now!”

Solskjaer flushed at the demand for his medal was forcefully destroyed by Du Wei when the young master threw it into the fire pit. Stuttering, he could barely make out his words.

The girl shook her head: “I did not think there would be another mage in this small little camp, so, I shall follow tradition protocols and challenge you to a duel.”

The girl finished speaking, the long white hairs fluttering like snowflakes in the North. She gently points a finger out and from it appeared a badge, pinning to her chest, she said impatiently:

”Alright mage, you can make the first move! I‘ve always disliked wearing this badge so make it fast!”

Solskjaer wanted to faint!


He’s not imaging things, he clearly saw it. This girl’s badge was exactly like that of the young Vivian, a high level mage!

Him, a first level magician, how can he have a fight with an eighth level one?

Have you seen a little dog fighting a dragon?

Thus, Solskjaer reacting was very direct! Turning his head to one side, he closes his eyes and immediately fainted!

“….” Looking at him, the girl was also a bit shocked, she immediately pouted in contempt: “You are a coward.”

“How about you? A young nobleman? I just heard your henchmen say they are Rowling clan members, right? So you are one of them, aren’t you?

“Yes.” Du Wei’s countenance didn’t change: “My name is Du Wei. I’m the first-born child of the Commanding General, Earl Raymond is my father”.

“Well, can the name of Rowling clan family scare me?” The girl looked up and down carefully Du Wei: “You are still child, why did you come here.”

She seemed to quickly lose interest in Du Wei, harshly hollering: “Vivian, if you do not come out now I’ll flatten this place! My little sister, give me the Terror Illusion Goblin! ”

Then the girl’s face showed impatience. She suddenly opens her arms, her eyes turning empty. Using her body as the epicenter, a whirlwind suddenly appeared in the hall and shot right through the roof!

Bang! Countless debris were thrown in every direction and the whirlwind showed no signs of slowing as it continues to spread….

“Vivian! You think I won’t dare?! You should know by now there’s nothing in this world I won’t do!”

She laughs loudly, her hands made a strange gesture …… immediately the whirlwind became even more intense! The surrounding air began to have rain snowflakes!


Holy crap! This here was the South!

Du Wei was early on the ground when the whirlwind broke through the roof.

Today he can finally feel the great power of a true magician. She alone wiped it clean with a large number of soldiers with ease and they didn’t even have any chance of resisting.

And, isn’t this girl a little too strong?!

Not to say mages are incapable of fighting, but wasn’t mages supposed to be bad in melee combat?

And what’s up with that armor, no real mage would wear something so heavy…. Unless, she’s a dual master?!

(Someone who trains in magic and martial art)

“Sister …… sister! I be-be-beg you, ple-please stop!”

Finally, Vivian’s stuttering voice came. Wearing her magician’s robe, she drifted out from the military camp with a small cage in her hand. She made it herself with magic to confine that Terror Illusion Goblin.

Vivian looked horrified, seemingly afraid to face her sister: “Sister i be-be-beg you ……” She pleads despite her nervousness.

“Poor little Vivian”, the icy girl sneered: “When can you understand that as a powerful individual you must have a strong consciousness. You wield immense power but your courage is less than a rabbit.”

Then she suddenly pulled out from her waist…… a strange flute!

It’s a green flute. The girl pointed at Vivian and sneered: ”Drop the Terror Illusion Goblin, I will only take its horn and go immediately, otherwise, my dear sister, you will suffer a lot of pain. ”

Then with a swing of her flute, countless strange light rings shot out from its holes. Du Wei was lying on the ground when the ear cringing shrill reached his ears.

This was obviously a sound magic attack.

Despite being so far away from the source Du Wei still felt like he would faint any second, he can’t even imagine what it’s like for Vivian over there.

Vivian seems to be very afraid of her sister from how shaky her body reacted. She raised her hands quickly to recite a series of magic words, immediately a magic shield appeared in front, blocking the light rings. Then she shouted, ”Terror Illusion Goblin is Master’s little pet, if you kill it, he will…”

“Humph, people around the world may be afraid of that old thing, but not me!” The girl spoke with disdain: “I need its horn, you know it too. Without it I cannot make my final defense magic weapon!! Hurry and hand it over!!”

After saying the final part, she suddenly rushed straight to Vivian’s side with a hand reaching out for the cage!

“No!” Vivian didn’t stutter this time, her body suddenly flashed and disappeared in a blink of an eye, appearing more than ten meters away.

“Ha ha ha my dear sister, your green flame teleportation magic is very good!

But a cowardly person like you can only use it to escape, am I not right?!” The icy girl sneered.

“Y- you …… …… y-y-you don’t force me!” Vivian was almost crying now.

“I like forcing you! You poor little girl, just seeing you cry makes me angry!!”

The icy girl suddenly raises a hand and recited a series of mysterious words. From her palm appeared a mass of white chilling mist that became more intense by the second…..

Vivian’s face went white, she shouted: “No, no you cannot do that kind of magic here.”

“Why not!” The girl finished reciting with a huge iceberg in hand!

And within the huge iceberg seems to have a gigantic shadow moving about, ready to break into this world at any second!!

Vivian suddenly turned to Du Wei who was lying on the ground and exclaimed: “Y-y-y- you have to run away!”

Du Wei who was lying on the ground lapsed out for a second after he suddenly heard Vivian’s warning. He also sensed something dangerous was about to happen, but as a mortal, how far can he run away with his weak little legs? He didn’t even get the chance to move before the icy girl laughed at him:  “Oh my poor little Vivian, why are you so concerned about this nobleman …… Is he your lover? Oh, the young master of the Rowling family, this background is suitable for a husband. He’s pretty handsome too, but just not very capable….”

Then she suddenly made a hooking motion with one of her fingers at Du Wei. Unable to control his body, Du Wei felt like his body’s been constricted by an invisible rope as he was dragged over to the icy girl.

“Vivian! Give your little pet to me! Or I will take your little sweetheart here and turn him into an ice wrath for my collection.” Her face expressed murderous in the air.

“No, no …… don’t.” Vivian hurriedly shouted. The icy girl suddenly dashed towards Vivian again but came out with nothing after a few rounds. Seems Vivian’s instant teleportation spell left the icy girl without any solution. Finally, the dangerous girl angrily said, “If you don’t listen to me I’m going to start a killing spree.”

Vivian shuddered at the threat, her face showing a headache like expression as if she had reluctantly made a decision.

She secretly sighed: Master, I’m sorry, your poor little Vivian has no other choice.

Vivian finally raises her head to look at the iceberg, her eyes showing conviction: “Si-sister, you want to release the ice dragon? Then go ahead!”

After her mind became determined, her stuttering problem became better.

The ice beauty snorted: “Do you really think I won’t do it?”

Her body suddenly rushed into the sky, standing somewhere close twenty meters in height from Vivian ……

The girl was dragging the huge iceberg which was multiple times bigger than her body……She swung her arms and suddenly a small silver cone drum appeared on her hands.

Letting out a faint chuckle, she then gripped it and slightly knocks on the iceberg …


This crisp sound seems to resonate for a thousand miles! Even for someone like Du Wei who’s not magically attuned can tell something’s odd about the noise. This crisp impacting sound not only extended to the ear, it was reaching into ones very soul!

Freaky, indescribably freaky!

Following suit, a howling scream suddenly came from inside the iceberg!!

The howl was like thunder, like a storm, like a tsunami! The vibrating sound caused Du Wei’s body to go limp from its intensity. Although it’s not known where the sound came from yet, but the humanistic instinct of fear instantly enveloped his whole body!!


Subsequently, numerous small cracks began to spread across the iceberg.

Following the cracks were violent impacting sounds. Like thundering roars, the scene looked like something was about to break out of that chunk of ice!!

“Look closely now, kid of the Rowling clan, my sister’s sweetheart.” The girl sneered. She gently took the drum cone and continues to knock on the iceberg, her face cold: “This may be your first in your life to ever see a dragon!”


No time to be surprise, among the deafening roar, the iceberg shattered into multiple smaller pieces. Immediately, a head with a huge horn on its forehead broke through and came into this world!

A loud, tough roar resounded through the heavens and earth!!

And below, poor little Vivian was so scared that even her face was white now. Hiding the Terror Illusion Goblin inside her robe, she pulls out a small little wand from some unknown location. Closing her eyes, her face turned tense as she began to recite a series of words in some ancient language….

Suddenly, A huge flame of fire erupted behind the little girl, like an overwhelming firewall, it also came with an ear deafening roar.

Seeing this situation, the icy girl reacted like she’s been dealt a serious blow! Her face slightly changed: “Fine! Fine! I didn’t expect that old thing to pass his fire dragon to you already!!

My dear sister, let us see today whose dragon will come out on top, my ice dragon or your fire dragon!”

Vivian did not reply. She suddenly lifted her little wand and gently pointed at several locations in the air….. Suddenly, the space around began to twist…..

Du Wei was feeling like he’s riding a train from his previous life, the scenery in front of him constantly changing at rapid speed….

When he could see everything clearly again, Du Wei found himself no longer at the camp site.

He’s in the mountains now!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha …… My dear sister, you are indeed the same girl with that foolish personality.

You spent so much magic to get us to this place just because you are worried our fight would hurt the innocent? Haha …… Expending your magic like this, how much power do you still have left to control your flame dragon when we fight?”

In the midst of her cold laugh, a numbing low roar came out…. Then the iceberg burst apart!!

The huge head had already crawled out, then came an enormous creature covered in scales and ice!

Its huge body was like a small mountain with a pair of wide wings, the whole body shrouded in the cold mist, and the size of the claw was as big as a carriage.

This is a “Dragon” of this world…



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