Law of the devil chapter 24

Law of The Devil Chapter 24 – Vivian’s Sister

Vivian couldn’t find anything else, she looked at Du Wei with extremely pitiful eyes, her hands twisting the bag but apparently it was completely empty, with nothing inside at all.

“Th-th-this is all that I have”. She stuttered. She actually couldn’t find anything else.

Solskjaer who was next to her hated that he couldn’t come and strangle Du Wei to let him agree already!

There was a mid-grade water orchid diamond, a magic medicine bag, a top quality magic beast core…in addition with more than ten mid-level magic scrolls.

These items are desirable by all magicians on Earth! Although many magicians are very rich but a huge pile of possessions like this is Extremely Rare.

By this time, there was no response, if anything happens, what to do? An eighth level magician is not easy to handle!

Vivian looked a little stupid in honest manner, but if she were to fight excessively, with the capability of an Eighth level magician, decimating everyone here is probably an easy task.

From time to time, this girl doesn’t seem like a profound magician, but if she doesn’t say anything, only one of her magic words can also wipe out my defeated force here.

Granted that she was a fool…but bullying a magician, there may be some troublesome aftermath.

Thank god, while Solskjaer was about to go crazy, Du Wei nodded, he said calmly; “Dear Magician, I am unable to get into your feelings. You proposed these conditions; I think my henchmen will be extraordinarily satisfied.”

Du Wei signaled, Solskjaer seemed relieved; he exhaled and quickly ran like a “robber” to take “the compensation” on hand. His eyes scowled, quickly stuffing all the treasures in his bag and tied it tightly. His face looked like a god of treasure….If right now, anyone was to intentionally touch his bad, Solskjaer will definitely risk his life for it.

“So, you can also d-d-d- drop it…” Vivian looked at Du Wei, the big innocent eyes with pretty face like an angel really makes people not to make things difficult.

“My henchmen’s are satisfied with “the compensation” that you offered… but I may have an additional problem” Du Wei didn’t change his face.

“b-b-b-b-but I don’t have…” Vivan was rattled; she quickly flipped her bad upside down with an innocent face.

“No no no, I didn’t ask you for compensation.” Du Wei finally revealed his tyrannical mind. “You’re an eighth level magician, aren’t you? In this empire, the top magicians are extremely rare, especially you.. I have never heard of a young lady like you, who could own a great medal for magician. Please do not misunderstand, what I want to say is…I am curious and excited about magic. I am looking forward to reaching the light of the great magic, and it takes a lot of force to study it. You see, I even invited a magician to be my advisor.”

Du Wei pointed at Solskjaer who was grabbing his bag tightly.

Then he deliberately sighed, shakes his head “Unfortunately. You saw, although my advisor tried his best to teach us, but he has a limited capability. So it’s quite difficult for me to search for something more. Today, in this place, I have coincidently met you, it is my great honor… even though I am threatened by your little pet, but I won’t consider it a pain out of my respect for you”

Vivian didn’t seem to understand. Just recently, this young nobleman who is a bit scary robbed all of my treasures …but I owe him. Vivian didn’t think of using her magic to regain her items, since she was a little girl, she was educated to comply with righteousness and goodness. Because she had good mind with innocence, up until now, she never went outside, so she was quite unfamiliar with evil.

Therefore she just meekly dedicated all of her assets; she didn’t knew that, using resilience and magic incarnations can resolve this situation.

This guy is really scary indeed, but he was excited when he talked about magic with high spiritual learning…his appearance seems honest. His eyes and words are sincere.

Moreover, he said “Regardless of him being afraid.” He is a good guy at heart… with simple thoughts, she already forgot that she have been robbed of all her treasures. Vivian stammered and said “Th…th..Thank you for your tolerance.”

“No, no, I am not finished yet.” Du Wei sighed “Unfortunately, I am always looking for a highly capable magician to broaden my magic, teach me something… Now, I by fate, met a kind hearted magician like you. Are you willing to teach magic to a person who is sincere to study like me?”

“…” Vivian felt something wrong, but she couldn’t think of anything wrong with Du Wei’s sincere eyes.

How honest is he! Moreover, the little pet threatened him…. This is my mistake. But…

“You want to learn ma-magic? But I have to return my master’s “little pet”, on-on-only….” Vivian was feeling a little awkward.

“No, no, you misunderstood me.” Du Wei laughed with a serious face and said “I know that your time is precious. Your time is used for a more intensive study of magic, how can you waste it on me. So, my request is not much, I only want you to teach me something. You see, I have a magic advisor, although his capability is only limited but at least he is able to answer most of my problems. That is all I need now, just a little ‘profound’ knowledge, such as….” Du Wei glanced, suddenly laughing “For example, some advanced magic words,”

Solskjaer was surprised, he couldn’t think of what Du Wei just said!

If those treasures are a magician’s property, then those magic incantations are…the language of their life!!

Each magician spends all his life to study those magic incantations; they absolutely will not arbitrarily take their hard research and teach them to anyone!

Therefore, the book of magic, recorded some basic knowledge only, no great mantra was ever handed out!

No matter what the magic incantations are, a magician only orally transmits the magic to their disciples!

A magician is better than other, except for the magic, force, the most critical is.. having profound magic incantations.

Magician vary from High level to low level ones, even magic incantations will have a few different types. Some can reduce the form; increase the speed of magic through the study of their achievements! So that when fighting, they could prevail.

Also, low level magician is not able to control the power of advanced magic incantations.

Like Solskjaer for instance, he can only hold a few low level incantations. If he wants to learn advanced magic, he can only study them from a senior.

He didn’t think that Du Wei was brave enough to ask the magicians for magic incantations. But this is the secret that can’t be revealed.

Although this little girl was a bit overly innocent, but she was not a fool…. Otherwise, how can an idiot have this level of magic?

With Du Wei’s request, Vivian was indecisive, she repeatedly shook her little head “No no no… absolutely cannot be done. My master said this kind of magic incantations cannot be shared with anyone!”

“But, this little pet is you master’s, isn’t it? He also said you cannot lose it right?” Du Wei seemed to lead a juvenile to guilty.

“…….” Vivian was speechless.

“Should I tell the truth? Your master wants you to take care of this little pet, but you disobeyed and lost this precious pet, this is only my very small requirement. You saw we had to suffer too much because of this little pet, I was so scared… Now just to make up for your mistake, shouldn’t you do a small compensation?”

Vivian is a genius, but it’s only limited in scope of studying magic. And the other aspects, obviously, she really has “shortcomings”. Only some of Du Wei’s arguments can make her completely confused.

In her mind, Vivian was bewildered between the responsibility of taking care of the little pet and not revealing the magic words… both of them were fighting throughout the half day, ultimately Vivian started crying.

She sobbed violently “Ok fine… but I can only teach you on-on-on-one thing.”

“You said one thing” Du Wei said as he quickly pointed out a finger “As I counted, there are a total of four things, right?

“No, not right!” Vivian started panicking, she shouted “ No, not four, is only on-on-one…”

She said even more feverishly, only word of one was not finished yet, when she said “one”, Du Wei pointed the finger again.

Finally, Vivian was too feverish and wanted to bite her tongue. Du Wei showed his ten fingers, if she had continued, he would probably count his toes as well, magician shouted “Stop, stop, stop, stop!!”

Looking at her red face, Du Wei didn’t dare to force her excessively. Finally after negotiation, bilateral decision is the magic incantations for “Ten Things.”

For this type of harmful negotiation, magician had to undergo a very fierce tension… but alas, she couldn’t resist Du Wei’s words. With that repartee and innocent mind, and the most important stuttering, she couldn’t win the argument with Du Wei.

There is no way that a magician can only silently stand.

Dear revered master, please forgive Vivian to disobey your command…I just wanted to find your little pet. To execute your first command, I have to leave the second one…

“I am an aristocrat, you are a magician, we both have status. Making promise cannot be arbitrarily changed; I suggest we should make an oath that indicates the completion of our words…”

Then, he didn’t wait for the magician’s protest; Du Wei immediately raised his voice and made an oath.

Vivian had no other way but to oath, Du Wei was surprised that when executing the oath, she seriously did the article of magic, indicating that their convention must be completed.

She stuttered but the speed of mantras was just amazingly quick!

She recited the difficult incantations like turning over the beans, it was very fast, very clean.

It is very difficult to imagine a profound magician in magic incantations talks while stuttering.

It’s worth mentioning that Vivian didn’t even argue with Du Wei at all.

Ultimately, Du Wei still didn’t know who this master is to be able to teach this innocent girl!

The boss’s treacherous behavior towards this pitiful girl made most of the guardians dead silent. Because even they suffered a lot of pain, so they didn’t say anything at all, except the knight. The treacherous acts of Du Wei towards the little girl were not right, but what could he do? How can he oppose his master?

But….the master treated an eighth level magician like this…. Won’t everyone be worried?

The anxiety of Robert very quickly turned into reality!

Magician agreed to teach Du Wei six magic incantations, so she had to follow him.

After getting an equal agreement, eventually she had to think which magic incantations is she going to teach Du Wei, obviously, they cannot be important ones.

It shouldn’t be blamed on Vivian that she was starting to think up such thoughts in her mind. Actually… after being deceived by Du Wei, even an angel will learn to be a little sly.

In such a way of thinking, Vivian still couldn’t decide, if not, you can only stay with Du Wei to wonder.

Fortunately, her master will come back after some days, just handle this affair within this duration… Just can’t be found by sister!

If I can resolve this issue, then I can return to the master’s place. The outside world is indeed scary, are there more scary people like this man?

Please have mercy god, Vivian doesn’t deliberately speak behind other’s back, please forgive me….but, this man is really scary.

This time, I will definitely not go outside again!

Sister sister…. You won’t come here so fast, will you?


The incident was solved without any injury to the young master, Spann was the most comfortable.

Although there was a bit of embarrassment, more than 10 equipped soldiers lost their front teeth…

Relaxing his mind, Spann was enthusiastic to invite Du Wei’s butler Marde and other Rowling clan members to come and have some rest outside.

Du Wei did not refuse, he also hoped for a quiet place to talk about magic incantations with Vivian.

And so, the group of people, didn’t go into the camp but stayed outside.

That night, Marde wanted to please Du Wei so he enthusiastically entertained everyone to eat satiety. Even he decided to take some jars of wine that chief stored.

After a long tiring afternoon, eventually everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the meal, and get over the entire scenario from today’s afternoon.

Du Wei formally responded to Marde’s enthusiasm, and quickly found an excuse to return to rest. In fact, he was very much interested in seeing Vivian.

Marde knew that having dinner with Du Wei was a great regard already, so he didn’t retain him, just got up to see him out…

Suddenly, in the meantime, outside the hall, there was a huge bang!

In the peaceful night sky, there was a huge bolt of lightning! The thunderclaps woke up each and every one, even the ones who were heavily drunk.

Immediately, in the blink of an eye, the main door outside the hall was hit by a big fire and the doors burned to ashes!

While everyone was rolling their eyes in surprise, the sound was coming from every direction!

There was sound coming from a far, it was an extremely cold sound of a Women!

“Vivian! My dear sister, do you still want to run! Give me the Terror Illusion Goblin!”



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