Law of the Devil Chapter 22

Chapter 22 “Terror Illusion Goblin”

This was really a bizarre scene.

Du Wei just stood there with terrifying injuries, that gaping hole in his chest stretched practically from the front to the back, but it was as if he didn’t even notice the flowing blood!

Just like that, as Du Wei had staggered a few steps forward, a Griffon charged at him again in front of everyone’s stunned gazes. Du Wei was bowled over, the slashing sharp claws immediately sending out sprays of dark red blood……


Robert recklessly charged forward with reddened eyes, but Du Wei’s tiny body was already cRowling up, swaying, yet he still seemed to be smiling…… That Du Wei could actually still smile at a time like this made everyone nearby feel indescribably strange!

This tiny youth raised his head and laughed loudly at the Griffons filling the sky: “If this is your illusion, then I’ve already had enough of dreaming. If you can, let the dream end!”

Robert charged forward, the broadsword in his hand becoming a brilliant streak shooting at the Griffon that last attacked Du Wei. This loyal knight didn’t hold back any of his battle Dou Qi, even to the extent that it exceeded what his body could support. Every muscle on the knight’s imposing frame burst, as if blood was seeping through the surface of his skin!

The broadsword wearing that battle Dou Qi cut the sky, even impaling the solid plumage of the Griffon and sending it tumbling from the air!

Robert threw himself at Du Wei, embracing him with all his strength while showing his own back towards the sky……

“Robert.” Du Wei gasped for breath in his arms, still smiling while blood streamed from his mouth: “Listen, we’re being played, this is all fake.” He pointed to his own wounds: “Look, with wounds like these, an ordinary person would have died long ago. But……”

Robert wasn’t an idiot, and finally caught on to the discrepancy. The feeling Du Wei gave him…… Such a small and weak youth hadn’t died while suffering such fatal wounds! Such wounds might have long since turned even a powerful warrior into a corpse.

“My spirit power is stronger than ordinary peoples’, that’s why the illusion can’t completely affect me.” Du Wei gasped for breath: “Unfortunately, I don’t know how to break it…… This might be a kind of mind magic, or maybe an illusion spell.”

“Illusion spell……” Robert thought deeply, then roared in a loud voice: “Solskjaer! Mister Solskjaer!”

Solskjaer, protected at the very center of the soldiers, heard the call and responded.

Robert exerted himself to carry Du Wei as the attacks from the Griffons fell like hail. His back was injured several times, and even his armor was shredded, mangling the flesh underneath.

“Think of something! Master says it’s some kind of illusion magic!” Robert roared.

Solskjaer sweated freely. He wasn’t after all any true magician, and the pharmaceutical tricks he used to emulate magic only extended to fire magic. He hadn’t even cursorily dipped into mind magic.

Robert had already come running back with Du Wei, and Solskjaer shouted: “I don’t have any way to break the illusion…… Maybe if we could get rid of these creatures. Just like we got rid of that rhinoceros and demon wolf.”

Robert couldn’t help roaring: “No kidding! If we had the ability for that we’d have already done it!”

Du Wei in his embrace suddenly smiled and said in a low voice: “Robert, let me ask you…… Listen, every knight with imperial training in battle Dou Qi will have a valve weak point, where is your weak point?”

“…….” Robert stared blankly. He hadn’t expected his master to ask such a question at this moment.

“Tell me quickly.” Du Wei continued: “I have a plan.”

Each knight training in battle Dou Qi would have his own valve weak points. When the knights used battle Dou Qi their strength could reach several times that of their muscles, or even more. But their weak point was each knight’s most closely guarded secret! How could he speak of it lightly?

But Robert’s heart trembled as he bowed his head to look at his master covered in blood, and gritted his teeth: “At…… The right side of my stomach, below the fourth rib……”

As he spoke, Du Wei’s expression showed a bizarre light! Nobody knew where this weak youth got the strength, but he suddenly rolled, struggling free of Robert’s grasp, swiftly drawing the dagger tied to the knight’s leg and stabbing Robert in the chest!

Robert should have been able to dodge, but as a loyal clan knight, a steadfast Rowling clan retainer, he hesitated a moment too long. After all, this was no enemy attacking, but rather…… his own master!

His chest armor had already been torn ragged in the fighting, and the ice cold dagger pierced the right side of Robert’s chest, just below the fourth rib! Robert could even feel that peculiar sensation of the cold dagger slipping into his flesh……

Everyone saw their master abruptly draw the dagger and stab the knight, and stared blankly!

Robert was the most shocked, looking at the little master close by his side with amazement. It had never occurred to him that the target of his devoted protection would suddenly turn on him at a moment like this! But Du Wei’s expression was serene, and even a bit consoling.

“Don’t worry, Robert, I wouldn’t harm you. It’s just a nightmare.”

At Du Wei’s muffled voice, Robert made a dull groan, his body going limp, abandoning his resistance……

Robert closed his eyes and fell to the ground……

Du Wei slowly stood up amidst everyone’s cries of alarm, the dagger in his hand still dripping with blood. As all the Rowling guards stared at him with shock, Du Wei just laughed and dropped the dagger, smiling slightly:

“Dreamland, end!”

When Du Wei’s dagger pierced the knights chest, the Griffons filling the sky suddenly issued a mournful howl! The countless Griffons immediately dived towards Du Wei from all directions at the same time!

It seemed like those sharp claws and beaks would tear the young Du Wei to shreds!

Everyone shut their eyes, all of them believing that this time they were truly screwed!

But at this moment something fantastic happened.

The first Griffon to charge at Du Wei suddenly exploded into countless motes of light…… All the following Griffons stiffened in midair! All of their bodies seemed to show countless cracks, and through the cracks burst an intense light……

With a final cry……

Everyone couldn’t help but lower their heads in the countless rays of light, not daring to look at it directly. Du Wei alone still stood with his back straight, raising his head to look at the extraordinary scene in the sky, still with a cold smile on his face……

One by one the Griffons were gradually smashed into light, dissolving, becoming countless specks of light scattering in the wind……

In the brilliant radiance, even the evening sky seemed to become daytime! Du Wei could even feel how the air around him, right, the very space was distorting. The surrounding trees, underbrush, comrades, even the corpses and blood on the ground, all of it distorted……

Finally, with a bang, everything became quiet……

The forest, was still the same forest.

The sky, was still the same sky.

The distant mountain, was still the same distant mountain.

The sunset, was still the same sunset.

But the blood on the ground disappeared. Those mangled pieces of corpses disappeared.

In their place were people in complete disorder on the ground. Sir Spann, his subordinates, those Rowling family guardsmen ‘casualties’, were all lying on the ground with their eyes closed, but they were clearly alive.

Only unconscious.

Du Wei looked at himself, the fatal injuries he had suffered had already disappeared without a trace.

Robert lay at his feet…… Astonishingly, the knight didn’t actually have any injuries!

Whether it was the injuries from the recent battle or from when Du Wei stabbed him…… They were all gone!

His armor was intact, with only a scratch on the right side of his breastplate, approximately at his fourth rib. That was where Du Wei had stabbed him with the dagger just now, but how could a feeble youth without martial skills have pierced the armor? At most he could leave a mark on it.

Du Wei made an effort to pat Robert’s face, rousing the knight from his sleep.

Robert opened his eyes and found his master looking at him. Afterwards Du Wei said with a smile: “Sorry, I didn’t have a choice just now…… Because you were the source of that whole situation. All those Griffons were based on your memories of the most terrifying time of your life, manufactured from the delusions in your heart…… So I could only knock you out in the dreamland, and once you were unconscious, the illusion didn’t have a source and naturally disappeared.”

As for Du Wei stabbing Robert just now…… He had only stabbed him in the dream.

The Rowling family guards still standing also looked down on themselves with astonishment, then at the companions around them. They couldn’t comprehend what kind of strange method this little master had used to make those terrifying magic beasts go away…… And the wounds they had just now as well.

Those already dead comrades, even those whose corpses had been torn apart, all lay unharmed on the ground.

The only one still injured was the lady knight Rolynn.

The wound on Rolynn’s hand was real! What she had used was the Moon clan’s secret technique…… Magic breaking field.

Within her secret technique all magic was eliminated. When she used it she actually already broke out of the illusion, and therefore her injury was “real”.

There wasn’t enough time to explain, and the only one who understood what had happened was the magician Solskjaer. Even though he didn’t have much ability in magic, he was exceptionally erudite in magic lore. He immediately pulled out several medicines and started applying them to the unconscious lady knight’s hand.

Du Wei picked up the dagger from the ground and gave it a look: “As expected, not a drop of blood.”

Holding the dagger he walked forward. At this moment everyone discovered that there seemed to be a small creature squirming through the underbrush in front.

It was a creature about the size of a big rat, its light green fur making it really difficult to discover in the underbrush…… That is if you didn’t look carefully.

Du Wei’s approach made this small creature immediately emit an alarmed shriek, but it moved too slowly. When it tried to escape through the underbrush, the dagger in Du Wei’s hand shot out, stabbing into the ground in front of it. Du Wei placed one foot on it……

Everyone clearly saw that this little creature’s plump body, under the green fur, seemed mostly like a sphere of meat, but unexpectedly with a long massive tail…… Sort of like a squirrel.

In fact, the creature’s appearance was practically just like that of a squirrel —— except for its weird green fur!

But what was different was the tiny, sharp horn protruding from its forehead. Unlike other animals, this horn wasn’t made of bone, but of bright crystal.

Du Wei was stepping on its tail, and as the little creature struggled to get free it made tweeting screeches. Baring its teeth to screech at Du Wei, the horn on its head suddenly shone with a bright ray of light that struck Du Wei……

This bright light didn’t cause Du Wei the slightest harm; he only felt countless memories float up within his mind, as if he was swiftly recalling all sorts of things……


Yes, it seemed he was recalling the most terrifying moments of his life!

He felt as if something was scanning his memories, but those dusty things in his mind weren’t part of this world, and as those terrible memories were brought out one by one, Du Wei shook his head hard……

He was infuriated!

Du Wei who since coming to this world had always worn an apathetic smile now had a furious complexion, anger bubbling up to his face!

Du Wei looked coldly at this little thing, then suddenly bent down and used a harsh low voice to say: “What, are you looking for the things I fear…… Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed!”

Holding out a hand to grab the little creature, Du Wei’s fingers wrapped tightly around its neck and pulled it up, pulling it close before saying in a low voice: “If you can understand the fear in peoples’ hearts, then shouldn’t you be able to understand my words? Let me tell you…… Don’t think to play that game with me…… While there is fear in my heart, the things I fear do not exist in this world! The illusions you can make should be limited to only those things that are within the rules of this world…… Then, I’m sorry to say…… I don’t belong to this world!”

The little creature struggled to get free, the horn on its head constantly shooting out light at Du Wei, but the expression within its eyes finally showed fear and despair…… Because that light was the source of its illusion magic, and to this human across from it…… It was completely ineffective!


Just as Du Wei’s anger erupted, from behind him came the surprised voice of the magician.

Solskjaer had swiftly run up to Du Wei’s side and carefully studied the little creature held in his hand for a long time before joyously calling out: “My God! This is a ‘terror illusion goblin’!! According to historical records, this creature went extinct several centuries ago!! Heaven! Look at its forehead, the horn is already the length of a finger! This little creature is still an infant illusion goblin; it should be less than a century old!”

Du Wei’s voice was very cold: “What, it’s also a magic beast? Illusion goblin? Is it rare?”

Solskjaer’s face couldn’t help showing a greedy expression as he licked his lips: “This terror illusion goblin’ can use the fears in the hearts of men to deal with its enemies. It’s a superlatively intelligent magic beast that can’t even be compared to those common magic beast creatures! And, and……”

“And what?”

The magician’s eyes shone: “Several hundred years ago, this creature was a treasure that every magician yearned for. As long as it was captured, killed, and the horn on its forehead ripped out and carried on one’s person, it granted immunity to the majority of mind magic! its horn is the material for making a first class magic defense item.”

As if the terror illusion goblin could understand the magician, when it heard him talking about killing it to take its horn, its fat body immediately trembled and started struggling more and more violently, as if its life depended on it. The tiny bean-like eyes grew wide and filled with fear.

At this moment behind them the majority of the Rowling family guards had all gathered around, the others occupied with waking up their unconscious comrades and sir Spann.

Du Wei looked at the little creatures in his hand and said in a grim voice: “Immunity to the majority of mind magic? So it’s actually such a precious creature…… How is it used? Can the horn be pulled out right after it’s killed?”

The magician was practically drooling: “Yes! That’s right! And not just its horn, even its fur, they’re both precious magic materials, it’s also a precious ingredient for pharmacy! With it I can make……”

Before Solskjaer could finish speaking there was a sudden whistling sound from the distant mountain, immediately followed by a fireball bursting in midair. That was the signal from one of the other search parties, apparently something had happened.

As everyone were stunned, suddenly a flickering light could be seen far away in the woods, precisely from where the other search party’s flare had originated!

That light flew through the air and immediately shot down directly in front of everyone! On the ground it transformed into a jade green flame, and from within the flame a person stepped out!

“Careful! This could be the high level spell ‘jade flame teleportation’!” Solskjaer was nervous.

The person who stepped from the green flame was dressed in an official magician’s robe and a tall pointed hat, and the robe was actually golden! On the chest hung a golden three leafed mugwort badge!

Du Wei who was already familiar with general knowledge about magicians recognized it with one look: this badge was the emblem of a ‘Grand mage!

Magicians on the continent were split into ten levels: Below the fourth level were low level magicians, the fourth rank to the eighth were generally called mid-level magicians, but the eighth level and above were people addressed as ‘Grand mages’.

And this three leafed mugwort badge clearly stated that this magician’s status was of the top layer of all the magicians on the continent! This fellow was at least an eighth level magician!

The somewhat short and thin stature was completely covered in the golden robe, appearing incomparably luxurious in the setting sun, and the magicians face was completely hidden by the pointed hat, and even the high collar was turned up so that not even a hint of skin could be seen.

Even though the face couldn’t be seen, Du Wei clearly sensed that the other side’s gaze was fixed on the little terror illusion goblin in his hand!

A high level magician suddenly appearing here left both Du Wei and Solskjaer stunned. Thinking of what Solskjaer had just said about the value of the little terror illusion goblin, Du Wei naturally thought of what the other side coveted……

“Who is it?!” Du Wei calmly shouted.

Sir Robert reacted very quickly and waved his hand, and numerous Rowling clan guardsmen formed up to protect Du Wei.

So much had already happened today! A formidable high level magician suddenly showing up left Sir Robert somewhat nervous…… Whether it was an enemy or a friend, only heaven knew!

“I am a knight of the Rowling clan, distinguished magician. Please tell us your purpose in coming!” Robert spoke up while covering Du Wei behind him.

He first made clear their side’s identity before asking the other side, this was the most adequate plan. He also hoped that the Rowling clan’s name might make them think of the consequences.

Before the magician spoke, they first raised their wide sleeves to pull off the pointed hat, exposing their face.

Everyone were immediately stupefied!!

“I, I, I’m s-s-s-sorry……” The magician’s voice was tender and pleasant to hear, even a bit nervous and timid…… Most importantly, the magician actually stammered ferociously!

“I-I-I’ve come to l-l-l-l-look for it…..” Raising a slender finger to point at the terror illusion goblin in Du Wei’s hand.

This magician didn’t just have a pretty voice, her appearance was pretty as well. After pulling off the hat, this high level magician with the golden three leafed mugwort badge was actually a girl with a shy expression! Her smooth and round cheeks were bright scarlet, as if blushing with shame from all the stares. Her nose and mouth were both small and exquisite, and her eyes were large and clear. Only, the expression in those eyes was that of pleading.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry…… I-i-it’s m-my teacher’s p-p-p-pet, I-I-I’ve come to b-b-bring it b-back.” It seemed that the more nervous she was, this sorceress’ words stuttered more fiercely, and she looked about to cry: “C-c-can you r-return it? I-i-i…… If I don’t b-bring it back, t-teacher will p-p-punish me.”



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