Commonly asked questions and my answer:

Question 1: Why it takes me so long to translate a chapter or none at all during day?

Answer 1: I do this mainly as a hobby on the side and its not my real job. I get paid significantly more flipping houses with my family. Another reason is because this novel is written in a harder format then most of the chinese web novels out there. If I were to translate some of the more popular novels currently on the net like Tales of Demon God and etc, i can get a chapter out in 3 hrs easy.

Question 2: Why do the chapters sometime come in part 1/2 ?

Answer 2: The original chinese author wrote it like that so i simply followed his format. Why this is happening has something to do with how net authors make their income, more post means more click views for them, meaning more revenue gets handed to them for the main site.

Question 3: Why do i not get a proper editor for my translation?

Answer 3: As many of you know, i didn’t start this project from the get go. Meaning alot of the early chapters weren’t done by me. I know for a fact alot of these chapters aren’t even close to being right in their wordings so its pointless to even edit it. Also, most of my time is being gobbled up by my real job right now because my family and I are currently expanding the number of houses we flip in a year.

Question 4: Do i give out spoilers?

Answer 4: Normally no, i hate giving out spoilers. The only exception when I do is when the answer becomes widespread from someone else.


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