About me

I’ve been translating by myself for a bit because I couldn’t wait for other translation groups to release their version.

My translations aren’t perfectly correct but it’s very close because my method doesn’t only involve using machines and I can also speak Chinese.

So please try to keep the rude comments to a minimum.

Speed of translating a chapter takes me around 6 -7 hours depending on how long the original text is.

If you want to contact me then email me at: BcatQQ@gmail.com


16 thoughts on “About me

  1. First time here and I just started to binge read the whole thing yesterday, and all i want to say is thank you so much for the hard work, now I can have the pleasure to read a chapter daily because of you, keep working hard and thanks for every chapter you worked on


  2. Hi I’m Currently translating Law Of The Devil into German(English–>German). If anyone is interested it will be released this week.
    Btw BCAT I have followed your Blog for about half a year now (and am up to date) and since you don’t release chapters that often anymore I have decided to start translating myself (lots of respect dude or dudeen) since today I know how much time it eats. I’m working on the Prologue and am at about the half (took me about 3 hours). Keep up the good work.



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