Miracle doctor chapter 79 is out!!!

Miracle doctor chapter 79 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ


This is official, i’ll be putting Law of the Devil on hiatus.

I’m sure alot of LOD fans can see my interest is slowly waning for that novel in recent months and right now i’m at the point of my life where the stress from work is creeping in on me.

I love LOD, but to translate that novel simply requires too much brainstorming and its draining me of all my energy when i just want to rest after a long day of work. Maybe in the future when work isn’t as stressful then i’ll pick it up again, but until then, i’ll be sticking with novels I can breeze through without much effort.




  1. Hope things will improve for you at work. Havent read LOD since chapter 266 so I’m actually glad to hear that youll be focusing more on this novel xD

  2. understandable but honestly I’d rather u dropped miracle doctor instead. Between the two Miracle Doctor is more a generic xianxia while LOD is an outstanding literature. Just my opinion but I still can’t get over how adorable that proposal was. ~ sigh. If I had a job I’d have sunk more money than I should’ve into LOD already.

    Anyways hope things get less hectic for you.

  3. Hey as long as you dont drop it to me its fine,wish you a happy life~
    I would love to know when to fat chek in for LOTD tho,like a date when youll think to be back…i realy didnt like miracle doctor…and i dont realy want to pressit but…my o.c.d is killing me for that unfinished chapter of LOTD ~soo if you could just finish that before hyatusing
    it would be great😇
    Happy halloween btw

  4. Well its understandable… but I still prefer you update LOD once or twice a week rather than update Miracle Daughter five to seven times a week… but still the decision is in your hand… just happy that its not drop

  5. Well its understandable… but I still prefer you update LOD once or twice a week rather than update Miracle Daughter five to seven times a week… but still the decision is in your hand… just happy that its not drop

  6. I think I like all your other readers will support you no matter what future you choose.
    But honestly and even so many of us saw this announcement coming; I do not know how many will be of my opinion but I would much prefer a chapter of LOD once 2 to 3 weeks rather than chapters of MD almost every day.
    And if your decision is irrevocable, we have more than to hope for a better situation at your work.

  7. As a Chinese,I must say im very sad not only I really like this novel ,but also marricle docter have more than 3000 chapers /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

  8. You could, at least, translate the second part of the chapter – 308. I mean like, do your own thing and all, but that was a big “fuck you”, mate. It was fun while it lasted, good luck & see you.

  9. Could see this coming some of the excuses you made for being late were pretty hilarious(Pretty much what a lot of translators start to do when they want to stop a project :P) . Good luck in life and have fun 🙂

  10. Understandable…but it don’t make the situation any less sad. It feels like any webnovel that have actually interesting writing style get droped by translation groups and generic ones get picked up for this same reason. Not a coincidence that LOD was droped by A013, then by bluesilver, and now by you, despite the translators and the readers saying they loved the series.

    Sheng Wang, Lord Xue Ying, Da Mo Wang and so many notable others passed through this kind of situation too…

    Donations don’t help, as it’s capped by translator output of chapters. I fear in the long term this might waver the interest of the west on the genre, as only the simpler/more generic ones get translated and people will get that mental image of the genre as a whole….as what happened with manga industry in west…

  11. Would you consider a chapter a month even? Law of the devil has actually been one the highlights of my day…week as OTT as that sounds. For similar reasons as to why you’re putting it on hold, it’s the little doses of pleasure that really help. This novel is seriously special. It’s one of the few that I hate to reread because each scene leaves such a strong impression that it’s impossible to forget or even confuse with other novels. Anyways, it was incredibly rewarding reading Law of the Devil unlike other novels, so thank you for the chapters.

  12. Understandable. Won’t nag about it. But still hope to see a chapter once a month. I don’t read much but this was my thing 🙂

  13. So unfortunate, law of the devil is interesting, and had different feels compared to those generic xianxia novels. But, it’s ok, please get your rest and keep healthy!

  14. Its really sad though… are you not planning to resume it again or something? Cause you know… we all know you cause of LoD and than you just start translating Miracle Daughter and update it every day and said you are dropping LoD now… Frankly… i think most of us are disappointed we thought that you are different you know

  15. Hey Bcat,

    totally understand you putting LoD on break, but would you consider translating something else than miracle daughter? Honestly I think your gonna burn yourself out faster doing this novel at this pace.

    I don’t know you and you should do you, but maybe doing a break?

    Also your spoiler about chapter 350 (I believe) hurts O.o

    Ill be lurking around for if you release LoD again or something else that’s interesting.

    • actually, its complete backwards.

      more word counts doesn’t equate more stress, rather its the writing style the original author writes in that burns me.

      LOD is written in paragraph/old poetic chinese format, meaning i can’t just directly translate it word for word without it being mangled into broken English. Also the idioms are rampant in LOD making it even more painful at times.

      Now miracle is straightforward, one sentence every time with no paragraphs and the author writes in modern bare bone style, meaning i can fill in the gaps between each sentence of my choosing.

  16. Sorry to hear it, BCAT. Hope you will pick it back up some day. Wish we could have finished this current arc or so. Thanks for all your AWESOME work, regardless!

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