Miracle doctor chapter 68 is out!!!

Miracle doctor chapter 68 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

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Man, went out into the country side today to check on a possible house to flip and i got bit by 3 mosquito. Dam BUGS, they aren’t afraid of pest repellents at all!



  1. Blood Sucking Mosquitoes are quite nasty as all those chemicals they inject to steal your blood without being noticed cause an awful itchy suffering 🙁
    I have to ask if you managed to take them out as unfortunately a single female can lay thousands of eggs… Therefore every successful swat matters.
    As for insect repellent not working what did you use? I say that as some repellents aren’t as effective as others. Deet I know is one of the more effective ones though that can fail too as sadly resistance to toxic chemicals seems to be a classic case of natural selection with the mosquitoes more tolerant against that stuff being able to reproduce… (At least that should hold for the human specialist Mosquitoes as they can only lay eggs after feeding on humans nasty little insects they are I feel itchy just thinking about it…. )

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