Law of the devil chapter 301 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 301 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy guys, i had to do some serious editing to make this readable.

Hope you guys like it.


4 thoughts on “Law of the devil chapter 301 is out!!!

  1. Toughts on LOTD and miracle doctor
    I dont know why lord Bcat but miracle doctor Just doasnt click for me…After all even if the start of LOTD was slow to me It realy wasnt…how should i put It…LOTD started with the introduction of all the important parts that would have constituted the surraundings of the protagonist then it introducendo the protagonist…aaand man did It introduce it! Right after he gained the ability to walk he went outside during a storm to scream at the gods!
    Soooooo…….i guess that It was the character presentation¿
    I excuse myself for bad engrish.
    If errors are to be seen blame It on my italian corrector😘

    • its, fine i know miracle doctor isn’t the best novel out there to translate. I chose it as a off project because its so much easier to do when i need to relax and don’t want to game.

      • Yeah, Sorry too bcat00-Sama

        I really tried Miracle Daughter but i think i got brainkilled by that kind of novel (this type Martial Art and else…) thank to tdg.

        However Release That Witch is seriously interesting !! If you can suggest somes novels like LOTD & RtW i’ll sacrifice somes goat for you ^^.

        Keep the Great Work!!.

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