Now this is just sad.

First Qidian tried to ruin Wuxiaworld and now they literally ruined GravityTales too.

Jump ship ahoy!!

There’s another translator leaving too but GravityTale deleted that post like literally 5 minutes after i read it LOL


5 thoughts on “Now this is just sad.

  1. I cant access reddit but i can already imagine what qidian did..
    They were already aiming to poach GT’s translator ever since they were still working out the contract with WW..

  2. So basically they bought GT, and now they have one less competitor to worry about. I see a bleak future behind a greedy paywall guarded by molested translators that signed a contract just to survive the cruel times that will come.

    Are Chinese companies really this unjust and unruly? Are there really no consequences to this type of actions?

    • You are mistaken, no translator would sign any contract. Even if they did, they can just make a new account using a different name and keep going anyways. There’s no enforcement whatsoever.

      The issues are the sites themselves, they binded by contract once they sign it.

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