So i just saw the post on reddit about Qidian and their attempts to Bullshit their way into monopolizing Wuxiaworlds translated novels.


First of all, i like to clear up something.

Qidian does not own any of the novels they host on their website, the author of the story does. They are permitted to use any content the way they like on their website, but anything outside of their page is solely owned by the author or the next website the author posts on. This falls under the fair use copyright law in the US and Canada.

If there is any law stating otherwise in china, that’s their business over at that end. They have absolutely no legal grounds to do anything unless you signed a legal document with them giving them sole custody of your translation, which they tried to scam me, and i’m certain many other translator out too, because some have contacted me about this issue before.

Anyways, in short, as long as you translated on your own and didn’t sign any document with Qidian, it’s protected under your name. Even if the author himself demands you to take it down, they have to go through legal court in america to force you to take it down.

For reference sake you can see a story similar to what i’m saying on the Mcmansion fiasco story of ZILLOW trying to take them down.



  1. Not the first site who has tried similar things. Copying from other sites. I don’t know why people do that.

    • that would be pretty hard. those guys over there would simply reroute their servers in a matter of hours knowing how it works over there.

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