Hello everyone, I got a little teaser project for you guys.

Miracle doctor and abandoned daughter: The Ghost Emperor’s Wild Beast Tamer Empress

Ye ling yuThe mentally retarded thirteen year old daughter of the Ye family suddenly gets reborn one day! Equipped with the almighty celestial cauldron and a spirit cultivation domain, she’s no longer the abandoned girl who everyone bullies! Unparalleled in both poison and medicine, even a miracle doctor must step aside. Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but too bad, even the God of beasts have to call her Boss. Scum father, you dare abandon your wife and daughter? She will surely make him destitute and homeless. People of the world, you dare bully her and insult her, she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold. Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him. He’s definitely the ghost emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……


For the first chapter Click here


Enjoy guys, i translated it on a whim this morning because I couldn’t focus on the current LOD chapter. Need some fresh intake so here it is.


9 thoughts on “Hello everyone, I got a little teaser project for you guys.

  1. lol. This is not!!! that refreshing… it’s one of those novels that you need to read more and more until you find a chapter that you can stop to rest. the frustration is really frustrating, lol.


  2. I read the previously released 9 chapters and I’m really happy someone(s?) might be picking this up! Whoever decides to do it between the two of you (or both?) I will be so happy to follow it.


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