Hello everyone, i need to bring up some news with everyone.

As of writing this post, i have come to the conclusion using wordpress is no longer possible for me. Aside from the very, very annoying changes wordpress keeps doing, their service is outright horrible.

Therefore, i’ll be spending this entire week manually moving everything over to bloggers. It will be very tedious on my end but it will also give me a chance to look over all the older chapters and maybe have a chance to do a rough re-translation of the older chapters to their proper wording.

When the new site is up and running, i’ll give you guys the heads up on this site again and of course, i’ll keep posting here for a week that will direct you to bloggers when everything is set and done.

I’ve been quite upset over how wordpress been manhandling their users over the past year, but this is simply the last straw. Why didn’t i listen to my professors in university back then. They all said WordPress is horrible, now i know why.




  1. Oh, that sucks….

    Just curious, but will you be able to transfer subscribers or will we have to subscribe to your new blog???

    And I’m just curious… but what actually IS the problem with wordpress???

    Thanks for all your hard work and I do wish the best during the transfer

    • Im sorry but everyone will need to re-subscribe because like i said, wordpress has been giving everyone the big F all around in the past year.

      Users used to be able to easily transfer between platforms but wordpress intentionally changed their coding to not match with other outlets, meaning i can’t just 1 button transfer.

      I don’t know what they are doing over at wordpress headquarter, but my god, its like they intentionally want to drive users away with their decisions.

      I have never seen a program intentionally scramble a document’s format into gibberish whenever they try to edit their posts. Its unreal.

  2. Oh, thank you for your time and effort. A lot of people have been complaining about wordpress, but I’ve never known why. We’ll await further notice from you ^^

  3. I think it’d be faster to ask a programmer to web-scrape the chapters for you and automatically insert into Bloggers. Shouldn’t take more than 1 day IMHO.

    There should also be a way to manually convert your data into Blogger after exporting to CSV on WordPress, if you can do an export from both WP and Blogger and send me so I can compare them, I can look into how to convert it.

    • There used to be a easy to convert all the files, but ever since a while ago, other programmers have pretty much ditched wordpress all together for other site hosting platforms.
      I could mess around with some of the older tools but from some of the forum posts i found, wordpress did some sketchy stuff with their codes a few months back to completely mess those up too.
      Its obvious they don’t want any of their users leaving with their content.

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