Law of the devil chapter 248 part 2 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 248 part 2 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy guys

I’m sure you guys been dying for this chapter but let me tell you guys a somewhat odd and funny story.

So my friend went for a checkup, first time ever in the hospital today, and the doctor told him he has cancer.

Now here’s the best part.

I was there too because we were going out for lunch afterwards and when my friend found out, he turned so white that he instantly fainted from the chair.

Fortunately when my friend woke up, the doctor quickly explained with a very happy smile on his face

“Don’t worry, we cured it earlier when we did that x-ray scan earlier”

When I heard the doctor say this, i nearly grabbed the chair and threw it at the guy.

Seriously, if you gonna break the news, break it with the good part first!!!!


8 thoughts on “Law of the devil chapter 248 part 2 is out!!!

  1. Radiation kills cancer and maybe its early enough that the X-ray radiation was good enough to kill it. Your friends doctor is teemo.


  2. X-rays kill cancer? What happened to precises use of radiation to destroy the afflicted cells? Also did he say which cancer it was, there’s over 100 I believe.


  3. I think you all are misunderstanding I believe the doctor was telling a joke. Probably the xray came out smudged so they cured the xray. As in the picture just like with old photographs. You had to cure them in a dark room to get a clearer picture.


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