Law of the devil chapter 225 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 225 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy guys, i said i was gonna release this chapter last night, but i got distracted by a poker game. Sniff sniff, I lost so much last night.


4 thoughts on “Law of the devil chapter 225 is out!!!

  1. aw… least you know now that your bad luck has gone down like some percent. It is my belief that a person has 50% good luck and 50% bad luck. when one experience a bad turn of event, it is likely that one will receive a good luck afterward. Although it could be a bad luck still. well….50% is still better chance.

    Still, keep up the awesome, supremely splendidly translation work. I mean you’re pretty damn awesome to be able to translate this much work, I wish I have like half your ability. Have you thought about working as translator for a corporation or company? It’s a pretty good paying field and you almost never get lay off.

    Im working as a translator for my shipping company, cool AC room, free foods (snack mostly) but still free ya know.
    and a 20$ an hour pay. And all I gotta do is to sit at a computer and do translation work and other stuff.

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