Thought i let you guys know this.

chapter 197 just didn’t seem right to me despite there being only that much content on my hard copy and some online sources, so…. i went to one of china’s biggest novel reading site and paid for a 1 month subscription, and wala, there’s a second part!! So expect that later tonight.


well guys to make it short, my home internet is down and the customer service wont open till tommorow. So yaaa….


wow, just wow. My neighbor cancel their internet and the contractor cut my line instead. So complaining about this😤🔥🔥🔥



  1. do we have 203 too tonight? cause that encounter with the servant of the most rich family on the north will absolutely hold great meaning on plot. thanks anyway!

    • uuuugh, damn thats a hard choice to make. 203 is a real bomb chapter but i don’t feel right to keep going without finishing 197…. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Its understandable you do fantastic work accidnets happen especially whrn trying to get stuff from overseas

      • Why Ironic?

        I see that my message might have been miss understood, I was asking if he had a proof reader because for example the choice of tenses in english often don’t realy fit, and there is a reason why lots of translators have proof readers.

        I know how hard translating is and I trying to be constructiv…

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