So Wuxia translation is gone…

I wanted to take my time on re-editing the older chapters, but it seems the situation calls for me to push it forward. If there is anyone that didn’t read 1-65 yet, let me know which chapters you left off and i’ll work on getting those up on the site first.


38 thoughts on “So Wuxia translation is gone…

  1. Oh my. It is gone. And just a few days ago Kideon posted:
    “Well… things are happening… sort of. I am not at discretion to say anything, yet, but I am just reassuring people that things aren’t completely halted. TNC… isn’t dead, for those wondering. VERY shortly, news should be coming out, and for those smart enough to COMB the reddit comments by certain translators, they would find important news regarding TNC. Otherwise… anything new going on guys? Other than being toxic in the comments.”
    Maybe stuff is getting moved? It’s pretty strange. You can still find the cached copy of the site if you need it, though.


  2. I was literally just thinking about starting this series again soon, I last left off at chapter 62.

    Btw mind giving me a summary of some of the things that have happened since to get me hype?


  3. i have chapters up from 46


    chapters up from 46



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  6. So are you gonna repost all the older chapters eventually?

    And maybe you should ask if someone is willing to make epubs of the chapters in a post 😛



  7. Thank you for keeping such a great story going. It’s sad wux translations is no longer there. That makes us all appreciate you that much more for sticking with it. Thank you.


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